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What Is On My Mind Today? High School Boys are Stupid, but High School Girls are Vicious

I am not sure what the women’s movement represents anymore…well except for abortion.  Support for abortion seems to be their only serious agenda item.  Do not kid yourself this whole Judge Kavanaugh debacle is about one thing and one thing only…abortion.

It certainly is not about sex assault.

For if it were there would be consistency when it comes to protecting, supporting and believing women with sexual and domestic assault allegations.  All males would be held to the same standard as let’s say Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

If that were the case Keith Ellison would no longer be on the ballot for Attorney General for the State of Minnesota or remain second in charge of the national democratic party.  Nor, would there have ever been a Bill Clinton presidency or a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Surely, the sisterhood could not have ever supported a man for president that had multiple women accusing him of sexual assault and rape no less.  Nor, could you support a woman, who for personal power and wealth accumulation, defended him and vilified his victims…time after time after time.  Right up until Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress showed up with Bill’s semen stain on it.  Even then, Hillary attacked the victimized woman.

Oh, I can just hear detractors of my opinion pine that, Bill Clinton’s sexual assault allegations were a long time ago and no longer relevant.  Yet, you are asking me to condemn a man for something he is accused of doing in high school over thirty years ago.  An accusation made without basic specifics such as when, where or why.

Apparently, women are much better with our long term memories, names mostly not so much on specifics, than our short term memories. That is why I am expected to believe without question Kavanaugh’s accuser, and not accept the veracity of the Keith Ellison’s accuser who has substantiated  domestic abuse allegations from 2017.  Ellison’s accuser just has not waited long enough for her memory to improve.

Hypocrisy at its finest and politics at its worst.

Then, this morning I learn that Kavanaugh’s accuser is making demands to the United States Senate regarding how and when she is willing to testify against the Judge.

One of her demands actually made me laugh aloud. She wants the accused, Judge Kavanaugh, to testify first.  Any rational person knows that there is no such thing as a defense without an offense. The very dictionary definition of the word defend is, “to take action against attack or challenge.”  The attack must come first.

In making this nonsensical political demand the accuser is self-damning her own credibility and announcing that her goal is political delay.  Making this ridiculous and impossible demand is a loud and clear declaration to supporters that the political dog and pony show, formerly known as Senate Judiciary hearings…..will go on and on.

This situation, if it wasn’t so serious, is almost comical.  Here we have an empowered  Lucy holding the game ending football triumphantly high above her head before our hapless leadershipless Charlie Brown of a U. S. Senate. Meanwhile, Charlie’s constituents ponder how many times Lucy will move the ball before Mr. Brown figures how to play her game.  Hopefully, there’s a Linus or Peppermint Patty in this situation somewhere watching the game clock.

Not only does this scenario bring Lucy and Charlie Brown to mind, but also a subject I remember well….high school girls.  My high school experience took place in the 1980’s.  It was a much different time than now.  The assault described by the accuser would not have been considered a law enforcement issue, but a father enforcement issue.

That not withstanding, what I vividly recall from those old high school days is the hurt caused by other girls.  Mean high school girls left much deeper scars than any healthy robust teenage male with wandering hands ever could.

Do not get me wrong, I am not condoning in any way, shape or form any male harming any female for any reason.   Teenage girls are the worst.  Where as high school boys may have tried go for my body, high school girls went for the soul.   They were manipulative, untruthful, mean, self-absorbed, self-promotional and without conscience. They enjoyed hurting others and laughed at their victims distress.  I knew kids who were tortured by mean high school girls to the point of suicide.  Those girls seemed to instinctively target nice kids.  In the hands of high school girls, bullying was elevated to seek and destroy missions.

Night after night on the news when I see all of these women stand up to deny due process to Judge Kavanaugh,  I don’t see his guilt or “her truth.”  All, I see are “mean girls.” And, remember that in high school boys were stupid, but girls were vicious.




What Is On My Mind Today: Culture Club, Victims and Earthly Angels

cancer infu

Seeing that Culture Club was playing at the State Fair brought back many memories.
Yes, I had several of their albums. Had being the operative word, I am pretty sure that my husband probably used them for target practice along with the Donny Osmond ones. 
My favorite Culture Club song probably was not played at the State Fair or been heard by many other people. The song is called, “Victims” it was released in 1983 the year that I lost the baby that would have been born the week of Thanksgiving. I always have thought that this child was another boy.
It was this pregnancy loss that spiraled me into the severe suicidal depression.
You see in 1983 AIDS was in the blood supply, but they still could not test for it. When I bled out from the in-uterine death, the doctors did not provide blood replacement as they did not want young mothers risking contracting AIDS from a transfusion. I ended up spending over a month in the young adult mental health ward at Abbott Northwestern Sister Kenny Institute. And, over a year on anti-depressants.
I was a participant in the trial for Xanax. And, I rode my exercise bike several thousand miles to make my body produce the endorphins needed to lift the depression. Ten miles every morning and ten miles every evening. Many times on that bike this song was playing in my headphones.  
I was off all meds for depression in just over a year.
Our daughter was born in 1988.
I  played this song a lot in 1983, and then again in 1989 when I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. 
Whether it is a mental health ward or an cancer infusion room, “the victims we know so well.” And, it is still, “sink or swim, like its always been.”
No matter what we must love the victims of our world. Our heavenly Father provided us with a perfect world with no victims, we mucked it up, not him.  
For all of the times that I have been victim, God has never left me or forsaken me.  Even when I could not see him, always saw me.  He has sent earthly angels time and time again to help see me through the battle.  Whatever that battle may have been.
This morning I am again going to be administered to by earthly angels….cancer nurses and the many volunteers that make the cancer battle easier and bearable.
Now, I am off to the infusion room at Regions. I am going to hang out with the victims for a while….I know them so well……
Here is a video of Culture Club performing this song.

The victims we know so well
They shine in your eyes
When they kiss and tell
Strange places we never see
But you’re always there
Like a ghost in my dream
And I keep on telling you
Please don’t do the things you do
When you do those things
Pull my puppet strings
I have the strangest void for you
We love and we never tell
What places our hearts in the wishing well
Love leads us into the stream
And it’s sink or swim
Like it’s always been
And I keep on loving you
It’s the only thing to do
When the angel sings
There are greater things
Can I give them all to you
Oh, hmm
Pull the strings of emotion
Take a ride into unknown pleasure
Feel like a child on a dark night
Wishing there was some kind of heaven
I could be warm with you smiling
Hold out your hand for a while
The victims we know them so well
So well
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
The victims we know so well
They shine in your eyes when they kiss and tell
Strange places we never see
But you’re always there like a ghost in my dream
And I keep on telling you
Please don’t do the things you do
When you do those things, pull my puppet strings
I have the strangest void for you
Show my heart some devotion
Push aside those that whisper never
Feel like a child on a dark night
Wishing we could spend it together
I could be warm with you smiling
Hold out your hand for a while
The victims we know them so well, so well
May God open our eyes to the needs of the victims that touch our lives.  Let us see their need and make us earthly angels.
After all,  all of us will someday be a victim of something or someone and need an earthly angel.
Be an earthly angel.

What Is On My Mind Today? Happy Independence Day From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary!

july 4th

…what it means according to the  Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 

Definition of INDEPENDENCE:
—-freedom from outside control or support : the state of being independent

Definition of INDEPENDENT:

—-not subject to control by others

—-not affiliated with a larger controlling unit 

—-not requiring or relying on something else

—-not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct

—-not bound by or committed to a political party

—-not requiring or relying on others

—-showing a desire for freedom

Definition of FREEDOM:   

—-the state of being free: such as the power to do what you want to do

—-the ability to move or act freely

—-the state of not being a slave, prisoner
—-the state of not having or being affected by something unpleasant or unwanted

—-the right to use something or go somewhere without being controlled
 —-a political right

Have a great time today celebrating independence and freedom! 

flag tractor

What Is On My Mind Today? A Very Thoughtful and Delicious Gift


Last week a friend of mine sent me the most wonderful and thoughtful gift.  She knew that I am not a jam maker so she made jam from several family recipes posted on my blog and added a few of her own.  Then, had them shipped to me.

There was Rhubarb Orange, Rhubarb-Pineapple-Raspberry, Zucchini Freezer, Apple and just for good measure she included a jar of Blueberry pancake jam.

Last night my dad called and said that he and mom were coming for a visit today.  They would get here about a hour before noon. Like father, like daughter, my dad has always loved jam.  So, I told him that we would have a jam fest for lunch.

This morning I woke up early and made his Aunt Ida’s Two-Hour Buns recipe.  When you are going down memory lane you might as well go all the way.  Besides, I cannot imagine having homemade jam on anything less than warm bread right out of the oven.

Then it was time to find my last stick of butter in the house and set the table.

Our lunch consisted of milk and warm bread topped with Mary Cummins’ jams.  It really does not get better than that.

Mary, thank you!  You made my day and my parents.

God bless you for your thoughtfulness, and for sharing the products of your expertise jam making skills!  Delicious!


What Is On My Mind? Top Secret Information: I know why Jim Comey was in Minnesota Yesterday

I have been asked to leak this top secret information.

The reason Jim Comey was in Minnesota yesterday was so that I could paint his portrait which has been designated to permanently hang over the front door entrance of the White House.

Unfortunately, while his six foot, eight inch body could fit through the front door of my home, his ego was just too big enter any mere mortal’s home or capture on canvas.




Recipes: Uncle Ing, Aunt Doris, Orioles and the Treasure Box ….Grandma’s Salad, Zucchini Freezer Jam and Kathryn Hepburn’s Brownies

bird oriole

My husband and I have lived in this home for over thirty years and for the first time I have Orioles at my bird feeder.  This morning I had both a male and female Oriole singing to me from my grape jelly feeder. Actually, I can still hear them singing.

Each time I see an Oriole, I always think of my Great Uncle Ing who was the first person to ever show me one of these gorgeous orange and black song birds.

Uncle Ing Kronbeck lived his whole life on the farm where he had grown up north west of Litchfield, MN.  He was the youngest in a family of six children. Esther the oldest was my grandmother, then there were Hilda, Anna, Ida, Victor and Ingvald.

Their childhood was one of hard work, poverty and a very sick mother.  My grandmother once told me that she was more of a mother to her brother Ing than her own mother.

This family worked together on their farm and survived World Wars, economic depression and contagion. Several of their family members contracted the flu during the deadly epidemic of 1918.   Aunt Ida told me she once spent an entire year lying in bed with an ice pack on her chest, due to an enlarged heart from an illness.  I do not remember anymore if it was the flu or Rheumatic fever.

Against all odds, all of the children survived to adulthood.  Not only that, but these strong people, while suffering through bouts of depression and sadness thrust upon them by the circumstances of life, always were steadfast in their faith in Jesus Christ and kept their sense of humor and wonderment of simple things.

Aviary Photo_130940619143877377
Uncle Ing holding his daughter Marion

Uncle Ing married Aunt Doris and they had two daughters Marion and Kathy.  What probably was more important to me at the time was that they had two amazing dogs Penny and Skippy.  Penny was the softest tri-color collie in the world and Skippy was a magnificent fetcher of a Springer Spaniel.

Penny                                                                Skippy

Not only were these dogs friendly….they were generous.  They had no problem with me climbing on on top of their dog house and pretending it was my pony.  At that age anything and everything became a pony.

Skippy’s favorite toy…a cow teat holder

In those days, Sunday’s were for church and visiting relatives.  For those of you that do not know what visiting is, it is actually taking time to be with the people you love.  You share stories, laughs and very good food.

Sometimes at Uncle Ing’s home, he’d play guitar and sing us songs in English and Swedish.

guitar Ing twelve string
      Uncle Ing played a twelve string guitar 

He would also let me sit at his “Seed Corn” sales desk and draw with his remarkable little pencils.  They came in a case that had bright colored advertisements on them.


To use the pencil and you had to pull the pencil out and insert its metal capped end into the back of the case.  They were dainty and delightful, and a perfect gift for a little girl who needed a pencil to fit into her tiny Sunday School penny offering purse.


Visiting Uncle Ing and Aunt Doris was one of my favorite childhood stops.  It sure beat visiting the Aunties in town as every child in our family knew that their house was dark, scary and haunted.  However, had I known then that both of my great grandparent had died in Uncle Ing’s house, I probably would have been a bit more jumpy when the back door would open and close on its own.

Cow Ing

Everyone else had black and white milking cows, not Uncle Ing, he had the only weird brown cow in the whole community. 

What I remember most was that Uncle Ing and Aunt Doris’ home was filled with happiness and peace.

On one Sunday’s visit Uncle Ing walked us kids to a big tree in his front yard and showed us the nest of an Oriole.  It was a funny looking bird’s nest. It hung off of the branch of the tree just like a beard hanging off the chin of a Mennonite.  There, too, in the tree sat a male Oriole. It was the very first time I had ever seen an Oriole.  He was beautiful! We stood silently and listened to its beautiful song.

bird nest

Beautiful memories like beautiful days and people are the real treasures of this life.  That is why I have a treasure box.  I do not think even my daughter knows about my treasure box. It is a very stained and tattered little cardboard box where I keep all of the handwritten recipes given to me by the greatly loved women in my life who have found their eternal rest in heaven.  One of those was my Great Aunt Doris.

My first year in college, I lived with my Aunt Doris during the winter months.  I had a great time.  One day we sat down at the kitchen table and she had me go through her recipes and choose which ones I wanted.  Then, in her own hand, she copied them for me.  They are in my treasure box along with Grandmother Helen Vacinek, Grandmother Esther and Great Aunt Ida’s handwritten recipes.

I get a kick out of the great interest in DNA ancestry tests.  A DNA test can only tell you what you are. It is family tradition, lore and heirlooms that tell you who you are.

When I think about it, I have come to the conclusion that it really is a shame that email and text messaging were ever invented.  It saddens me to think that future generations will not be able to take out a treasure box filled with handwritten notes, letters and recipes from the people that loved them.  The expressions of love and wisdom from past familial generations that provide comfort and strength will surely elude children of the electronic age for their communications will be no more.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. I have shared them as written by my Great Aunt Doris.

grandma's salad

Grandma’s Salad

1/2 cup salad dressing (mayonnaise)
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 Tablespoon lemon juice – blend these and add
1 cup crushed pineapple well drained, so it’ll be a firm salad

2 cups cottage cheese
1 cup small marshmallows
1 cup grated carrots
Stir only to distribute evenly


Zucchini Freezer Jam

6 cups grated zucchini, peel, add water to cook for six minutes. Drain well.

6 cups of sugar
1/2 cup fresh lemon or orange juice
6 ounce can crushed pineapple with juice

Boil six minutes, take off stove and add
2 3-ounce packages of apricot jello. (Or, one each of lemon or orange jello.)

Pour in jars

Keep in freezer.


Kathryn Hepburn’s Brownies

This is just the way Hepburn did it

First melt two squares of unsweetened chocolate and 1/4 pound butter in a heavy saucepan. Stir in one cup sugar, add two eggs and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and beat like mad.

Stir in 1/4 cup flour and 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 cup of chopped walnuts. Not all mashed up you know, just chopped, good sized pieces, now mix all that.  

Butter an 8 X 8 inch pan and dump the whole thing quickly, stuff into 325 degree oven for 40 minutes. Cool awhile and cut into one and a half inch squares and dive right in.

Editors note, tested in the kitchen of Ladies Home Journal and is delicious because of the 1/4 cup flour they have a pudding like texture.  Pat, I’ve also made them. (No baking powder or soda) 



What Is On My Mind Today? Living With Cancer and The Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ever!

doug and pat wedding

Sunday was Doug and my 40th wedding anniversary. Our refrigerator is shot, works but many pieces are missing, so on Saturday we went to buy a new one at Best Buy, pick up a dog toy for my neighbor’s dog, she needed a new flamingo, and buy some picture books for my World War II buddy El who is in the nursing home.

Well, as life would have it, we had to go home and re-measure and go back to Best Buy on Sunday….our anniversary.

So, as a joke, I asked the salesman if there was a 40th Anniversary discount. He responded that, that is at 50 years and we will have to come back in ten years…without missing a beat my big quiet husband resolutely stated, “We’ll be here!.”

Best anniversary gift ever!