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Children’s Story: On The Day I Was Born…Frost Killed All The Corn

I wrote this story for my daughter in 1996.  It is a silly farm parody of the Children’s book, “On the Day You Were Born”, by Debra Frasier.

My baby girl will turn 30 in a few weeks.  She is no longer the little girl, who asked her mother to write her stories with pictures, but a married woman with a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry conducting post-doc bio-chemistry research on fertility with a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant.

They grow up fast! Your time is the greatest gift you will ever give your child or any child.

Time really does fly by…and according to this story so do fish.

page 1

On the day I was born, frost killed all the corn.

page 2

The cows in the barn, mooed in alarm.

page 3

The cats in the hay, forgot how to play.

page 4

The pigs in the shed, turned green and red.

Page 21

The cat saw this sight, and ran away in its fright.
Right past the dog, who had never seen a Christmas hog.

Page 5

“Something new is in the air!”, said the wise old purple hare.

Page 7

The pink chickens thought so too.
For, the horse was now aqua blue.

Page 6

The strong old bull was now very yellow.
Still, he was quite a handsome fellow.

Page 8

Outside, the ducks in the pond were as orange as the lawn,
and hopped on their heads which every duck dreads.

Page 10

Gladys the goose kept her goslings strictly in line.
Counting only six, but bragging there were nine.

Page 11

Now, grandpa looked up in obvious delight.
Granny had hitched up her skirt and was riding a bike.

page 22

He shook his head, then shouted in fright. As, her front wheel hit a rock and she took off like a kite.

She soared through the air with the greatest of ease. And, landed in his lap as pretty as you please.

Page 12

The cousins ran wild chasing the hogs.
Uncle sat on the porch and howled at the dogs.

Page 13

Auntie came over with fish in her purse, leading a sheep she had dressed like a nurse.

Page 14

The farmer smiled this whole crazy day through.
The hare had been right there was something new.

For all of the things that had turned out wrong.
The farmer kept whistling his so happy song.

Page 18

Even, when the bananado gave the whole barnyard a twirl.  The day had been wonderful.

Page 19

He had a new baby girl!

Page 20

Emergency Barnyard Plan:
1.  Good music.
2. Cheerful faces.
3. Lots of fiber in diet.
4. He who runs first, gets a head start.
5. No jumping in circles.
6. Plant all trees root side down.
7. Panic never helps.

signed….B.G.G.  (Billy Goat Grant)




What Is On My Mind Today? My Two Published Books For Sale on Amazon

Golden the Goose was the first children’s story that I wrote for my daughter Aurora and the only one for sale on Amazon.  When Aurora was four years old, she announced that she needed a story about a golden goose.  I told her there already was a story about a golden goose. To which she replied with a dreamy look on her little face, “I want mine to be in love.


So a goose love story was written by a young mother, fighting Thyroid cancer who knew that her little girl was too young to remember her, should her cancer battle go poorly.   I thought that writing and illustrating Aurora stories with a motherly moral message would be a great way to leave a legacy.

Golden the Goose’s message about domestic abuse…”being a princess in a palace is not worth the price, if you spend your own life with a king who is not nice.”


Over the next several years “Golden the Goose” was followed by other children’s stories written by a young mother to her young daughter.   Such as:

Golden the Goose.  A goose love story

He Who Thinks Well and Runs Quickly.  Native American Anti-Bullying Story.

Aurora’s School Bus Rules.  This is exactly what she said…almost.

The Evil Lizard of Nid A story about conquering the mighty tantrum.

Chloe the Water Lily Fairy Princess The best way to get willy-nilly children and busy, bouncing baby bunnies to go to sleep at night is to read to them.

Going to Get the Calves.  A story about growing up on the farm.  I did illustrate this story, but used all of the originals in a book I made as a gift for grandchildren.

The Hen Who Wanted to Fly.  Dreams can come true.

Pete the Christmas Apple.   The Christmas Story about Jesus and Santa Claus is told from the viewpoint of an apple.

A Family’s Farm Christmas Is a inter-generational family portrait of tradition.

On Grandmother’s Knee I wanted my daughter to know her Great Grandmother Esther.

On the Day I Was Born, Frost Killed All The CornIs not on my blog, but has illustrations.   It is a silly farm parody of another Children’s book, “On The Day You Were Born.”  Instead, of wonderment, the day is filled with chaos, but ends with farmer marveling over his new baby girl.

And, then there was “Carina the Brave.”  Several years ago I re-wrote this story to personalized it for my three-year-old niece who was battling leukemia.  Laney did not win her cancer battle.  “Laney, The Brave”,  is about loyalty, family and conquering fear.

book cover

The other book that I co-authored and published is a biography of Robert E. Hansen called “More Than I Ever Dreamed“.  This biography chronicles Bob’s childhood, military service during World War II, his tenure as Commander of the VFW during the Kennedy years and cold war and the Minnesota politics of his time.  Bob personally knew John F. Kennedy and most of the world’s post-World War II leaders, he lived and extraordinary life.

These books were sold through the Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota Science Museum, Dakota County Historical Society and online.  They sold out rather quickly.

The prices being charged for the limited copies available of this book on Amazon are the very definition of optimism.  Interestingly, after working with Former Governor Tim Pawlenty on the World War II Memorial Dedication, Bob’s indicates in this book that he was no longer a fan.







Children’s Story: Hannah and the Evil Lizard of Nid

The Evil Lizard of Nid Story has also been updated to include its illustrations.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

When my daughter was young I was the preschool director at her school.  We had sixty wonderful students and had such good fun.  One of my students was named Hannah and she was always such a serious little girl.  Nothing to smile about.  So one day at snack break I made up this story for her.  She smiled. This became her favorite story.  I read this story many times to her and my other students when they were having a frustrating or sad day and we always ended with a smile.

The other reason I wrote this story was to help young parents with parenting their children.  A little humor can go a long way in stopping a tantrum and is so much more affirming that corporal punishment.

However more recently as I progress through this Stem Cell Transplant process to battle my bone marrow cancer, I have thought of…

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Children’s Story: On Grandmother’s Knee

After my post yesterday about my grandmother, I thought that I would reblog this children’s story and add the illustrations.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

When I was growing up on the farm, I spent lots of time with my Grandmother Esther.    I remember my grandmother.

The life of Esther Kronbeck was not an easy one.  She was the oldest child in a very poor pioneer immigrant household with a sickly mother.  When her mother died, her funeral was held on my grandmother’s birthday.

She spent most of her youth, raising her younger siblings. Her youngest sister always said that she was more of a mother to them, than sister.

As a child she  worked hard doing chores, cooking, cleaning, and did the family sewing. Her siblings always said that she was good fun, laughed a lot and saw to it that special moments in their lives were recognized, even when they weren’t in her own.   They described her as a treasure.

Her sister once told me of a Christmas, when they were so poor…

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Children’s Story: The Very First Christmas

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Every Christmas Eve I would read three stories to my children.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is first,
That mean ol’ Grinch is really the worst.
He stole all the Who’s pudding and presents with glee,
Then he went back and stuffed up their tree.
The Who’s celebrated Christmas when the Grinch thought they shouldn’t.
Stop Christmas from coming? Even a mean ol’ Grinch couldn’t.

Next, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” is read,
after the children have been tucked snugly in bed.
Their eyes aglow with happiness and joy,
As they hope Santa brings their favorite toy.
When, what do their curious little ears hear?
A television announcement, “Santa’s sleigh drawing near!”

Then, it is time for the last story to be read.
Heads go down on pillows and the bedtime prayer is said.
The moment has come to tell of  Joseph and his Mrs.
Now it’s time for, “The…

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A Family’s Farm Christmas: It’s the people, not the presents!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

In 1997, I wrote this story for my young daughter.  After my thyroid cancer diagnosis when she was only 14 months old, I had adopted the tradition of writing her an original story, with a soft moral “mom” message each year as a gift.  I wanted her to have something special from me to remember me should  I have croaked from the cancer.

This story was created to introduce my children to their extended family and be a record of some of our family’s Christmas traditions.

This year is the second Christmas since my second cancer diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma.  I feel wonderful, am filled with joy and am looking forward to many more years of making holiday memories.

I hope you enjoy, “A Family’s Farm  Christmas.”

In your great-great grandfather Ole Larson’s house, which is more than 100 years old, many years ago our family gathered making Christmas memories untold. This story is…

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Children’s Story: The Hen Who Wanted to Fly

Forget the books at home. This is a great story to help keep the youngsters entertained while the turkey is in the oven.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Once upon a time there was a farmer.  On his farm lived many different kinds of animals.  He was a kind farmer and was always very good to his animals for he loved them very much. As fond as he was…

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