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Letters to My Grandson: Cat Warfare…A Very, Very Bad Cat!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Dear Kids,

Hope you are having a great week. Christmas vacation is always a good time.  I really enjoyed our time together this week!

This week’s edition of “Cat Warfare” is the mustached “Herr Hitler Cat.”  Not only did this unfortunate cat look like Adolf Hitler, but he was a bad decision maker and actually hung out with guy.  Always, remember you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you cannot pick your friend’s nose or your relatives. It is important to pick good friends, you don’t want any like this guy, because Adolf Hitler was a very, very bad cat!

Hitler started World War II in Europe.  Later the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, but that is another story. However, Hitler started the war in Europe in 1939 when he invaded the country of Poland.   He lied about Poland attacking Germany, then invaded…

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Just saying: There Is No Such Thing As Humanity Without God and The True Meaning of Christmas



Humans are as unique in the animal kingdom as Christianity is among world religions. Evidence strongly suggests that humans are fundamentally different than other animals. I believe that our very uniqueness as a species indicates the existence of God.  It seems to me that humanity as a concept for higher moral behavioral traits can only exist if humans were created in the image of a higher power. Without God there is no humanity.  For we would no longer be a unique creation, but would be no better, no worse, no more special than any other animal. We would not understand mortality.

Without a moral soul from God there would be no right or wrong…only survival of the fittest.  Our sole focus would be to do whatever it takes to obtain our next meal and propagate the species. Nothing would deter the violent methods needed to be successful at either of these two tasks.

There would be no such thing as a conscience.  You couldn’t afford to have one anymore than a lion, tiger or shark can afford a conscience.  The softer human traits like love and kindness would have been evolutionary death sentences.  Just like any other animal on this earth, we would merely be another link in a food chain where only the strong survive.

Of course, if here is no God there would be no need for religion. However, even the earliest humans sought out gods and practiced forms of religious rites. They had burial ceremonies for their dead and offered sacrifices to either win favor or appease gods. So seriously did they seek out gods, that not only human, but child sacrifice was commonly practiced throughout the world. In some cultures on a massive scale. A rather counter-productive evolutionary trait.

Generation after generation, culture after culture, religion after religion, humans have sought out gods.  In all of the other religions of this world people seek God. Only in the Christian faith does God seek people.

The God of Christians does not ask for sacrifice, he asks for obedience.  What does he require of us? Jesus summarized all of the commandment’s into two.  To love God with all of our heart, soul and mind, and to love one another as we would like to be loved.

The Christian God does not ask for sacrifice from us, he sacrificed for us.  In the birth of his only son Jesus Christ in Bethlehem over two millennia ago, God sought to save us, just because he loves us.   John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God seeking us is the true meaning of Christmas. Sadly, if you don’t learn about the birth of Jesus the Christ and ask him into your heart you are missing out on the only part of the holiday season, and life, that brings real joy and peace.

Jesus is the Christ in Christmas.  Without him all you are doing is having one big commercial gift exchange.  Great for the economy, not so great for our world or your soul…..just saying.




Grandma Pat Letter: Cat Warfare…Christmas Revolution Cat

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Dear Kids,

Wow, just a week to go until Christmas.  I suppose you gave Santa Claus a very long and detailed list.  Did you write it out in cursive or just print it out from the computer? Santa, I am sure, treasures all the letters he receives from children, but is something that is extra precious about a handwritten note from a kid. Why to old folks that is be a present all in itself.

When I was young we did not have computers, printers, Gameboys or even television.  That’s right…I grew up in a time when the best entertainment available was your own imagination, the great outdoors and books. I loved reading then, and as you are well aware from the size of my library in the den, I still love reading.

Do you know what the first book I ever read from was?  It was the Bible. I…

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Recipes: Pounding Christians and Christmas Pound Cake

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Christmas is a holiday of light.  It began so very long ago, when kings were led by the light of the Star of Bethlehem to a stable to worship the infant Messiah. It continues today, with lights on homes making neighborhoods sparkle with holiday color and joy.  Lights on Christmas Tree’s announcing that Santa will soon arrive, bringing those anxiously awaited gifts. Lighted candles on the table revealing a delicious traditional Christmas dinner. Unless the entree is Lute Fisk, delicious is not an adjective I would choose to describe that stuff.

Light is important in a world that seems so full of darkness.  Light illuminates.  Light brightens.  Most importantly light chases away shadows.

During the Christmas holiday seasons shadows oftentimes loom large.  Shadows can come out of nowhere like an unexpected pounce by a large wet puppy.  Sometimes you are just muddied up a bit, but there are those times when you get knocked completely off your…

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What is On My Mind Today? Keeping Children Entertained


Waiting for your plane?  Not enough toys at Grandma’s?  Forgot the bedtime books at home?  When it comes to keeping children entertained, look no further than Grandma Pat.

There are nine original tales in this comical series of stories for children about the ingenuity and adventures of a boy named Thor. If you are looking for online fasted -paced stories to keep children entertained check them out!

I hope you and your children enjoy Thor’s Stories. I wish you all safe travels and a wonderful holiday season.

Below are links to all of Thor’s adventures and a brief description of the story line.

Thor Saves Christmas.  Thor and the leprechauns come to the rescue when Santa’s elves all come down with Blue Snot Flu.

Morton the Squirrel and the Great Chicken Race.  Thor and Morton begin their battle for supremacy of the backyard when the rascally squirrel goes after the boy’s chickens.

Morton the Squirrel and the Mighty Explosion.  Grandpa Walter saves Thor from an overwhelming squirrel attack.

Thor and Grandpa Walter Find Blueberries and Bigfoot.  Thor and Grandpa Walter find more than just blueberries in the woods on Minnesota’s North Shore.

Thor and the Rooster Pirate King. This story tells about how leprechauns came to own the magic feather they keep in their hats.

The Midnight Dinosaur Rhubarb Rampage. Do your children know how to write in secret leprechaun code?  Thor will show you how in this tale of ingenuity and backyard mayhem.

The Dog with Magical Eyes.  Leprechauns sometimes can be just plain handy, especially when your dog is suffering from magical eyes.

Thor and the Troll Toll.  The King of the Leprechauns has no tolerance for bullies, especially troll ones.

Thor’s Halloween Story: Ghost Cat Trapping  Learning Grandmother’s rules for good behavior and how lure, trap and set free nasty old ghost cats. 

Thor Stories: Thor Saves Christmas

Thor had to think fast and his backyard friends had to work hard to help Santa save Christmas when all of the elves came down with the flu. Will Thor’s arch enemy Morton the Squirrel finally get off Santa’s naughty list?

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

295a8z94ty52pnlixjmfx34h8.1000x666x1Thor Saves Christmas

Thor woke up and stretched. What a great day! It had just snowed, it was the day before Christmas and he’d been extra good this year. He’d protected his mom, dad, chicks and the backyard from trolls, Morton the squirrel, leprechauns, rogue roosters and dinosaurs and saved Grandpa Walter from a Bigfoot. He knew for certain that Santa was coming and he was going to get lots and lots of presents.

Today was the day that Thor and his mom were going meet his dad for lunch, then go to see Santa and tell him what he wanted for Christmas.

His dad was hungry as a bear and ready for lunch when Soren and his mom arrived. To get to their lunch destination, they had to walk through the mall. That was when Thor saw him, a very sad looking old fellow with white whiskers and a green and…

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What Is On My Mind Today? Holiday Jingles…Too Many…..Too Soon!

grandma and reindeer

This news story caught my eye about how psychologist’s studied the effects of Christmas music and concluded that playing holiday tunes too soon can have a negative impact on mental health.  I  have provided the link below to the news article.

Actually, I get this. Not so much the part about the tunes triggering too much thinking about all of the to do’s for Christmas, but more about them triggering thoughts about the  have not’s and who’s not of Christmas.  This time of year, mourning losses whether, health, job, material, relationship and especially the death of a close family member or friend, become exponentially hard. Along with the brightness and fun of the season, comes kick in the gut emotional darkness as heartache silently, and sometimes not so quietly, screams…why me?

Depression during this time of year is common, real and an increased mental health concern. If you, or someone you know, are suffering from depression, it is so very important to see a doctor. Depression is a disease. Treatment is available. Suicide is preventable. Speaking from experience, there can be contentment and happiness after loss and depression.

The holiday season can be very short for some and never-ending to others. Non-stop holiday music does seem to make the never-ending line move slower.  The best way to help speed up the never-ending line, is to give those caught in it the most precious of all gifts….your time.  After all, isn’t that what Christmas is really about?  Loving people.

Christmas is a Christian holiday.  It is a celebration about the greatest gift of love.  God’s holiday focus wasn’t on stuff or to do’s, it was solely on bringing his beloved, fallen and often evil, human’s peace, joy and eternal salvation by simply believing in his son as their savior.

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.”

Please note that God said…”everyone”.

Hugs, to my many loved ones and friends who I know are going to be in the never-ending line this holiday season. I am sorry for your losses and continually pray that the peace the passes all understanding fills your heart and mind today and everyday as you struggle to climb your mountains.

And, should you come to visit me during the holiday season, there is a good chance there will be lots of cookies and…disco music.