Recipes: Christmas Traditions are Important –Classic Butter Cookies

It is Christmas cookie baking time. This classic is what I use for my cut out cookies. Enjoy!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Family traditions are important. They bind one generation to the next. Growing up on the farm in Central Minnesota I have many fond memories of our family’s Christmas traditions.

The Christmas season always began several Saturday’s before the big day, with Sunday School Christmas program practice. I was never chosen to be Mary the mother of Jesus, but I did always have a speaking part and worked very hard to memorize my Bible verses.

My mother usually sewed my sister and I Christmas dresses for the program. They were usually of velvet and lace and were beautiful. Then, there was the exciting trip to town to buy black patent leather shoes to go with the white lace tights that were always too short in the crotch. I still love getting new shoes and hate wearing tights.

On the evening of the Sunday school program the church was all filled to…

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