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Recipes: Halloween Party Treats

These are fun!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Entertaining is always fun, but somehow cooking for children on Halloween is really special.  With a little creativity, a really tasty yet gruesome Halloween menu can be pulled together to make a party or dinner before trick or treating a real scream.

Peel round red seedless grapes.

Infected Brains
Simmer a head of cauliflower in water tinted with red food coloring.  To top with warm pus…tint melted cheese green.

Splattered Brains
Serve your favorite tomato sauced spaghetti

Bat Wings
2-1/2 bounds of chicken wings…leave the wings whole

Marinade Ingredients:
1 cup of brown sugar
1 can of Coke
2 medium onions, finely chopped
2 Tablespoons of soy sauce
2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
salt and pepper to taste

In a large bowl combine marinade ingredients.  Add chicken wings. Push the chicken wings down until all of them are covered with the marinade.  Put in refrigerator to  marinade overnight.


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Recipes: An Old-Fashioned Halloween and The Great Pumpkin Bar

Best Pumpkin Bar Recipe Ever!!!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Halloween when I was young on the farm was so different than now…

First of all there were never any of those fancy haunted houses that people flock to today for an expensive scare. We did not need them, we lived in one. On a daily basis in our old farm house we had to deal with squeaky stairs, cobwebs, black cats, bats, lizards and the ghosts of ancestors who had died in the house from generations past.

Many a dare was made and accepted, just to see if you were brave enough to go upstairs alone in a old farm house. Going into an attic alone after dark was a feat accomplished by only a few of the most stout-hearted.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe success in this quest required a beard and that folk songs have been penned to herald such bravery. No one descended into the dark basement alone.  Not…

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Recipe: Little Smart Boys….Saucy Apples

I just made this recipe day before yesterday. In the interest of full disclose I usually add half brown sugar and half white sugar. In the end, how much sugar you add depends on the tartness of the apple and your own personal taste.

Not only is this a great applesauce. But warm over ice cream it becomes a fabulous apple sundae.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Aviary Photo_130953565392251413

It seems like forever ago that I was a Christian preschool teacher.  Our school served youngsters ages three to five.  Our enrollment was almost always full with a total capacity of 60 students per week.  I really loved each and every one of those precious children.

Preschool children do not have a lot of filters and can be very honest.  Some of the things shared with their teachers, I am sure would make their parents blush forever. If your little one has seen you without apparel chances are details of that experience have been or will be shared with an early childhood educator.

Little brains work very well and are fertile ground for both good and not so good.  What seems logical to a small child in may cases would give nightmares to most adults. Take for example these two five-year-old cousins.  These were good Minnesota boys…adorable, respectful, busy, smart and…

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Recipe: Delicious Desserts and the Boy in a Box…Frozen Pumpkin Dessert

These gals still meet on a regular basis. My mom missed their last meeting due to my dad falling in the machine shed and breaking his hand. The club took a nice boat tour and my parents a tour of an emergency room.

Dad will have to be in a cast for six weeks, however, just a week after his fall he was back on a tractor cultivating his sweet corn patch. He says its more work with the cast doing stuff on the farm, but he’s adapting. Not bad for being in his mid-eighties. He said the corn is looking great.

His only complaint was the ER almost started putting a pink cast on him, which was quickly changed to blue.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Sunshine Club
Sunshine Club current members.
Photo from Independent Review Newspaper

The Sunshine club has met for 82 years. Agnes Palm was a founding member and my mother has been a member all of my life. I have many memories of going with mom to club when I was a very young girl, especially when it was held at Mrs. Palm’s house.

I remember the delicious desserts, being horribly bored and being allowed to play with two plastic horses. One was extra special as it had little gold chains for reins. I will never forget her beautiful white faced cows and calves and the big mean old bull that once escaped the pasture and tried to ram our white ford station wagon with the red interior.

My most vivid memory is of her youngest son Darrel. He was in his late twenties by the time I first met him when I…

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Recipe: The Day My Dad Shot Elvis…Four Roosters and Chicken Pasta Fruit Salad

This is a great salad to serve during the summer months, and who doesn’t like a great chicken story.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

z 020

Once upon a time on my dad’s farm lived four young roosters who needed names. A good name can make or break a soul in this world so when dad called me at 8 the morning, while I was at work, and asked my assistance in selecting names for his roosters, I was honored.

Since I had never seen his new roosters, I asked him to describe them for me.

The first rooster was black, small for his age and the first to learn to crow. He really had a thing for the lady hens. His most distinguishing characteristic was the long feathers that hung down on either side of his beak like sideburns. We named him Elvis.

Then, dad explained he wanted his other roosters named after Civil War generals.  I am a Civil War buff, so he felt I would be the one to help him find appropriate military names. He stressed that the…

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Recipe: Minnesota National Guard Pie Fight Rescue–Serving up Patriotic Berry Pie on the 4th of July

This is a great patriotic berry pie to serve your guests as you celebrate the 4th of July.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

pie social

Traditions die hard in small towns and our church’s annual  ice cream social was no exception to this rule.  Each summer our church would hold an ice cream social usually as a fundraiser for our youth group –FLY–First Lutheran Youth.

My church was our town’s Swedish Lutheran Church.  In a small town with less than 600 people we boasted four churches.  Three were Lutheran…Swedish, Norwegian and German and then there were the Baptists. The basic difference between Lutherans and Baptists as far I could tell was that we could dance and they could not.

In my early teens, I was vice-chair of  FLY and my older more responsible cousin was chair. What I may have lacked in responsibility, I certainly more than made up for with a strong desire to help God out, great capitalistic attitude, endless creativity and boundless enthusiasm.

As it happened right about the time I became part of the leadership team for FLY, we needed…

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What Is On My Mind Today? A Very Thoughtful and Delicious Gift


Last week a friend of mine sent me the most wonderful and thoughtful gift.  She knew that I am not a jam maker so she made jam from several family recipes posted on my blog and added a few of her own.  Then, had them shipped to me.

There was Rhubarb Orange, Rhubarb-Pineapple-Raspberry, Zucchini Freezer, Apple and just for good measure she included a jar of Blueberry pancake jam.

Last night my dad called and said that he and mom were coming for a visit today.  They would get here about a hour before noon. Like father, like daughter, my dad has always loved jam.  So, I told him that we would have a jam fest for lunch.

This morning I woke up early and made his Aunt Ida’s Two-Hour Buns recipe.  When you are going down memory lane you might as well go all the way.  Besides, I cannot imagine having homemade jam on anything less than warm bread right out of the oven.

Then it was time to find my last stick of butter in the house and set the table.

Our lunch consisted of milk and warm bread topped with Mary Cummins’ jams.  It really does not get better than that.

Mary, thank you!  You made my day and my parents.

God bless you for your thoughtfulness, and for sharing the products of your expertise jam making skills!  Delicious!