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What is on my mind today? Special Prosecutor…..Damn!


Election 11I do believe that this whole Russian business does call for a special prosecutor.  It is time to have an adult in the room and the issue settled.  I frankly am sick of hearing about it.

That being said, the gleefulness of the mainstream media and Democrats, as they convict the president almost daily with hearsay, reminds me of a story a veteran once told me, about himself and his best buddy.

These two young men were both stationed in Germany.  They enjoyed going out and having fun.  Heavy beer drinking and obliging women filled many an evening.

As it happened, on one of these occasions, the boys drank a bit more beer than they probably should have.  As they stumbled around dead drunk in the dark, trying to flag down a cab driver, they ran right into a very old, very ugly, very large woman.

The gal, while not having been created easy on the eyes, more than made up for that deficiency by having been blessed with a kind heart and a giving nature. She immediately offered to help the uniformed lads get a ride to her home where they could spend the night.

The boys did not remember another thing from that night.  When they awoke early the next morning they were in bed together with the ugly woman laying naked between them.

As she snored away in peaceful slumber, the soldier’s friend vigorously pointed at him and mockingly mouthed, “You did her, you did her!”

Well, my veteran friend, thought for a second about the situation.  He then decided that the best way to find out the truth was to just pull back the covers and reveal what was underneath. As he lifted up the blanket on his side of the bed, it was discovered that he still had all of his clothes on.

Then, his gleeful friend very slowly peaked under his side of the blanket only to shout, “DAMN!.”


Just Saying: Bullying and Political Theater


Jennifer Holliday receiving death threats and backlash over performing at the Trump inauguration as reported in a CNN article is bullying pure and simple. It is not honorable. It is not justifiable and its sole goal is to silence opposing views. If the shoe was on the other foot and conservatives were doing this to Clinton supporters, they would be called new age “brown shirts” and rightfully so. Have Clinton’s supporters become the demeaning and intolerant tyrants that they profess to so vehemently oppose? In this case, it would appear so.

There is a vast difference between this type of mean-spirited tyrannical behavior and peaceful protesting. I condemn the former from any political source or group and wholly support the latter.
In addition, I believe that it is not honorable for the losing party’s elected members of Congress to boycott the inauguration of our next president. Have these members of Congress forgotten the first rule of politics…those that show up rule?  I cannot imagine the public and media outrage at Republicans had they refused to go to an Obama or Clinton inauguration. This political theater of boycotting the inauguration demonstrates a total lack of respect for the Constitution and Hillary Clinton’s adamant call during the presidential debates for the losing candidate and their supporters to respect election results and the peaceful transition of leadership. Their support for the politics of division will only serve to embolden our nation’s enemies at the cost of American lives when, not if, they test our new president.
Tomorrow I will watch the inauguration, be proud to be an American and celebrate the peaceful transition of power. I will pray for unity for our nation, respect for the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the rule of law; safety for our people; wisdom for leadership; and rigorous peaceful political debate. That all of our new governing officials come together with a sincere interest to do what is best for our nation as a whole and rediscover that our political system’s great strength has always been compromise.
I would encourage the members of Congress who are boycotting tomorrow’s inauguration to reconsider and take note of Trump’s philosophy of encouraging a “friendship” with Russia…it is important to keep your friends close, but more important to keep your enemies even closer….just saying.

Letter to my Grandson: Cat Warfare…A Delicious Cat

     Peter the Great                                              Furry  Yury

Dear Grandson,

Boy is it cold out this morning, you can really tell that summer is over for good.  We still have a lot of green leaves on our trees, but many of the trees in the neighborhood are already quite golden.  My neighbor across the street is having three really big trees cut down today.

Do you know who was as big as a tree? Peter the Great, who was born in 1672, ruled Russia as tsar or emperor from 1682 until 1725.  A tsar is the Russian word for king.  There were many things that made this guy exceptional.  Royalty or not, Peter stood head and shoulders above everyone because he was almost seven feet tall at a time when the average man was only five feet, seven inches tall. That is almost half a foot taller than Grandpa Doug, or the size of Abraham Lincoln with his stove pipe hat on.   Peter’s feet and hands were small, he had narrow shoulders and a small head for his size.  He was considered handsome by the ladies.  He also suffered from severe headaches and seizures which greatly embarrassed him.

Peter the Great, like French King Louis the XIV, witnessed and escaped dying in a violent political revolt when he was a boy about your age.  Both rulers were greatly affected by those experiences and as a result were very unforgiving of those who led or participated in government revolts.   While they both executed their fair share of rebels, Peter the Great, was much more of a hands on killer and swung the sword that cut off the heads of his enemies himself.  In fact, his oldest son, as ordered by his father, was convicted, tortured and only escaped execution by dying in prison first.  Your dad doesn’t look so bad now, does he?

Peter executed quite a few people during his reign.  He once chopped the head off of his wife’s boyfriend, pickled it in a jar and made her keep it by her bed as a reminder that he did not like what she had done. Aren’t you glad your dad just cans vegetables and apples?

While it was not all right for his wife to have boyfriends, Peter enjoyed having plenty of girlfriends when he was married.  However, he expected this girlfriends to follow his rules and actually executed one of them.  Her name was Mary Hamilton and being a guy who really valued education, Peter took the opportunity to show the crowd attending the execution the vertebrae, windpipe and carotid arteries of his lover’s severed head.

His love of education and progress is what made him Peter…The…Great.  At the beginning of his reign Russia was a backwards, weak, uneducated country.  Peter worked his whole life to reform Russia’s borders, government, church, schools and society.  He replaced many old traditions with new ideas that were modern, scientific and that copied the progressive governments of Western Europe like France, Britain and the Netherlands.  Peter ended Russian’s system of education by the church and established the first public schools.

Peter made Russia a world power.  He went to battle to expand his country’s borders and gave his land locked country access to several seas expanding their ability to make war and extend trade. Peter loved anything to do with boats and sailing.  He studied shipbuilding in the Netherlands, hired some of Europe’s best craftsmen and built Russia’s first navy. On September 12, 1698, Peter officially founded the first Russian Navy base, Taganrog, on the Black Sea.

In what was once a swamp, he built the city of St. Petersburg and made it Russia’s new capitol. The best builders and architects in the world were hired to ensure that St. Petersburg was a very modern city whose beauty, elegance and extravagance rivaled the famous palaces of the French.

During his travels in Europe, Peter admired French fashion and cleanly shaved faces.  He insisted that the Russian’s get rid of their old clothes and wear new more fashionable attire.  He also ordered Russian men, who all wore long beards at that time, to shave them off.  Those who chose not to, were charged a beard tax. To pay for all of his palace, navy and society building Peter raised a lot of taxes.  His royal highness’ high taxes led to more revolts among citizens, which were immediately stopped by brutal and violent armed force followed by more mass executions

Peter liked to collect things…palaces, jewels, art, ladies and dwarfs.  Yes, this very tall ruler collected really short people like kids collect Pokémon cards.  He loved having them around all the time and was even known to have naked ones jump out of giant pies for his amusement.  He bought them miniature ponies to ride and even hosted an all dwarf wedding.

In addition to collecting dwarfs, Peter the Great collected very expensive and beautiful artwork.  The paintings, statues and jewelry he purchased are still in Russia today and are kept one of the world’s largest museums called, “The Hermitage.”  That is also what President Andrew Jackson called his plantation, but that is another story.

In addition to its vast art collection The Hermitage, which used to be a royal palace, is home to an army of cats.  Peter the Great’s daughter, Empress Elizabeth, became disgusted with the hundreds of rodents roaming the palace chewing on everything and spreading disease.  She issued an order for the best rat and mouse catching cats in all of Russia to be sent to her.  This cat army commanded by Furry Yury patrolled and kept Russia’s art treasures safe from gnawing mice and rats for over 200 years.

These art security cats survived many human generations, revolutions and wars, but died out during World War II when the Nazi’s surrounded and laid siege to the city of St. Petersburg, which had been renamed Leningrad during the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Over four million Russia defenders and civilians died during the siege and battles for the city.  Food ran out and many Russian’s died of starvation. Those that survived remember eating mice, rats and cats.  One girl recalled how her mother wanted to fix her grandmother’s cat for supper and the grandmother responded, “Do you want to kill my cat?”  The girl’s mother replied, “Do you want to kill your grandchildren?”  She said that cat meat was much more delicious than when they ate their father’s leather belts.

I hope and pray that neither or you or I will ever be that hungry.  It is important to remember to pray for those who are that hungry. Yes, children in many parts of the world still die every day from not having enough food to eat. That is why we shouldn’t waste food and should thank God with a table prayer before we eat for the blessing of having food.

Have a great week in school.  Be sure to practice your clarinet a lot and loud! I know your dad did.  I sent you a book of Christmas songs for clarinet players.  You should receive it next week.

Lots of Love and Hugs,

Grandma Pat