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Just Saying: Presidential Debate Number Three….Ready, Set, Go!!!


Well, I watched some of the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last night. Now, I must comment on the idea that our election system is rigged. It is not. Your vote will be counted and counted accurately. I urge every eligible voter to cast a ballot!

After many years of being a lonely Republican working in the office of a Democratic Secretary State, including during both the Franken-Coleman and Emmer-Dayton recounts, I have personally witnessed the dedication to vote counting accuracy of our state’s election officials. Voter fraud is rare, looked for and when found prosecuted.

Elections in Minnesota are run by county election officials. Saying that state or national leaders are rigging an election at the ballot box, is not accusing those leaders of election fraud…but, your friends, neighbors and relatives that are your local election officials.

For the election system to be rigged there would have to be a coordinated conspiracy of all the federal, state and local election officials, judges, poll workers and poll watchers of both political parties. They would all have to commit felonies to participate in such a fraud knowing that anyone one person could take down their whole scheme at any time and send them all to jail. Keeping that many human beings from gossiping and not playing the “hero” by telling the “truth” is as likely a scenario as growing yourself a second head.

Our election system is designed to be transparent and is governed by law. If you are concerned about the honesty of the system, become an election judge. If you have missed that deadline for this upcoming election, be a poll watcher. I have always believed that darkness disappears when exposed to the light. I strongly urge you to be a light and participate.

While I will not argue that there is bias in the media, and that can indeed influence voters. Minnesota voters do not have to fear that their vote will not be counted or that they will be harassed at their polling place by candidates, their supporters or political parties.By law campaigning on Election Day has to be kept a mandated physical distance from polling places. Minnesota State election law mandates that each precinct must have a Republican and Democratic election judge present at all times on Election Day. In addition, our state requires post-election audits for the accuracy of election ballot counting machines. Machine counts are cross-checked with actual paper ballots in randomly selected precincts to ensure that the machines counted each ballot accurately. And, there are numerous procedures for elections judges to follow to make sure that our elections are accurate.

Should any voter feel intimated by another person at a polling location, they should immediately seek out the election judge and file and sign a complaint.

Minnesotans can rest assured in the accuracy of our elections because our state has a paper trail….paper ballots. I may not have always agreed with my former boss, the former Democratic Secretary of State, on many things, and over the many years that I worked for him, we certainly did have a healthy exchange of ideas from time to time. However, I did agree wholeheartedly with him that voting must always be on paper ballots. He and I, even back then, understood the dangers of being hacked.

As an example, prior to 2008, a foreign government tried to hack into the business services side of the Secretary of State online business services system. Foreign government’s hacking our nation’s computers is nothing new and all of this nonsense about the Russian’s hacking our systems now to wreak havoc on this election is nonsense…just a another political ploy. Hackers, whether government sponsored or not, have been and are always trying to breach computer security and steal data and information. Frankly, I would be more shocked if they weren’t doing it.

Cyber security is a constant battle and expense for both government and industry. The goal is to always stay one step ahead of hackers. Anyone that says that spying on our government through breaches in computer security is somehow a new policy of any adversarial country, including Russia, is either completely out of touch with reality or lying to suit their own purposes.

Any perceived threat to our election process or society by Trump’s refusal to answer whether or not he’d accept election results pales in comparison to the real threat to our national security made when Hillary blurted out our nation’s nuclear weapons launch response time to millions of people from all over the world during last night’s debate.

After seeing this morning’s media top headlines and listening to the talking heads rant about Donald Trump’s refusal to say whether or not he would accept the election results, I have concluded two things…the media really does have its head up Hillary’s ass and

Ms.Clinton does not have the mental or moral ability to understand that classified information is to be protected and kept secret.

So now Russia and our nation’s other enemies can quit focusing on hacking her and her campaign’s computers and just work on beating that four minute launch time…ready…set…go!….just saying.


Just Saying: How Good of Health Is Bill Clinton Really In?



So this morning I have been baking apple turnovers with the last of the apples provided to me by my son. As I was standing at my counter cutting out worms, worms holes and worm trails out of the last of these truly organically grown apples, I could not help but be reminded of a meme I had seen earlier in the day on Facebook where three of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers had been interviewed on Fox News and had stated that they feared for their lives once Hilary becomes president….the first thought that went through my brain was, “ladies you have nothing to worry about, it’s Bill that should afraid…for once in her life, Hillary won’t need him anymore.”

I wonder how good his heart is and if he’s thought of that…..just saying….

Just Saying: The Only Woman Hillary Clinton Advocates for is Herself



Video about 12-year-old rape victim

Last night during the presidential debate Hillary Clinton tried to compare her private speech comments to foreign bankers about her vision for the United States to have fully open borders and how those comments contrasted with her public campaign rhetoric to tighten our borders with Abraham Lincoln’s political strategy to pass the 13th Amendment to our Constitution which abolished slavery.

While Donald Trump did point out that this comparison was nothing short of ludicrous, Lincoln and Hillary do have one thing in common…they were both defense lawyers. The difference in the ethics of these two lawyers is that Lincoln, when he knew a client was guilty of a violent crime, tried to persuade the person to plead guilty and take responsibility for their actions. If he could not do that, Lincoln would refuse to represent the person. He understood that being a criminal defense lawyer is not about winning or losing, it is about justice for both the accused and the accuser.

I firmly believe that Donald Trump is a total pig in regard to his comments about women. However, as a woman who has friends who have been rape victims, mentored many young women and has a daughter, I believe that Hillary’s handling of this rape case,treatment of the child victim in court, recorded subsequent laughter at its unjust outcome, and her life-long enabling and protecting of her sexual predator husband…Willy, is an abomination of female leadership.

I also believe that the only woman Hillary has even advocated for or represented is herself and that there is a great hypocrisy with in my own sex.

We live in an open sexually explicit society where the crudity of Trump’s comments are eclipsed daily in vile and violent movies, video games, television shows, song lyrics, on the KQ92 morning show and in a books such as the “50 Shades Grey” where the male lead abuses the female emotionally, sexually and personally, (I read the reviews not the book, because I felt the book’s message defiled women.). That book not only sold like hotcakes to over 80 million women, but was universally praised in the media. However, us females get on our high horses and pretend to wilt like outraged Victorian virgins by some eleven-year-old disgusting male comments that are commonly used in movies, books, radio and on television everyday.

Personally, I strongly believe that all presidential candidates should be held to the highest moral and ethical standards…especially with regard to the of defense women and their equality.

Yes, Donald Trump is a boorish jerk who is he is running for the highest office in the land.There is much evidence that Trump was a jerk as a young man, he was a jerk eleven years ago, he was a jerk last week, he will be a jerk this week and probably a jerk tomorrow.

Being a jerk and using crude language about women has never been a disqualifying factor for a presidential candidate. Even sexual assault by a the chief executive has not removed a president from office…Republican or Democrat. John F. Kennedy, the handsome presidential and political idol of so many women, was legendary in his sexual objectification and exploitation of women and subordinate White House staffers. LBJ’s attitude regarding his female White House staffers was very similar to that of the French King Louis XV who bestowed royal sexual favors to lucky young ladies imprisoned in his royal brothel. Then, too, most of us remember the infamous dress and Monica.

Should any of these men have ever treated females like sex objects? Heck, no. I certainly would not ever condone any of these men’s actions towards any woman. Quite the opposite.

However, if women feel that Trump should be automatically disqualified to hold the highest office in the land for his crude sexual comments, then should not also the woman who enabled her sexual predator husband to have sex in the White House with subordinate staffers, threatened women who made rape accusations against her husband and who defended the attacker, defamed and laughed at a 12-year-old child rape victim also be considered unworthy of being on the ballot.

Being a women’s advocate is about more than just Roe V. Wade….just saying…


Just Saying: Vice Presidential Politics….


I  have noticed there has been quite a bit of media attention focused on our presidential candidates as of late.  One more than the other, and I have two observations.

First, I think all voters better make sure they really know the vice presidential candidates, how they would govern, their beliefs and priorities.

Secondly, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has missed out on a media moment to declare, “And, you thought I was a crazy choice for president!”

Just saying…..

Rigged Election? Just Good Business

I will give Trump credit for reading the mindset of the average American voter who wants desperately for an outsider to be president. But, I have never been totally convinced that he is not a part of the Hillary team making sure she is elected by messing with the Republican endorsement process. I think he has gotten a lot further in this process than he thought he would and I think he is panicking. I have never believed that he actually wanted to be President and his recent statements and actions readily confirm that.

So, now with him actively trying to throw his candidacy under the bus and then, too, saying the election is rigged, it makes me wonder if he is helping to rig it and that is the only thing that he’s telling the truth about.  Is the fix in? A well practiced liar can make the truth sound like the most outrageous lie all the while laughing at the honest souls that they have deceived.  And, this set of presidential candidates have elevated lying to an art form.

I wonder, could there be a big cash settlement waiting for Trump if he loses come the third week in November?

No hard feelings Americans, it is just good business….just saying.

A Recipe for President

My bathroom art political cartoon. 

The leadership traits that I wrote about in the blog “A Recipe for President” are the standards for personal and ethical behavior, and service and sacrifice that our nation and its people deserve from its elected officials–especially from anyone running for our nation’s highest office….just saying.

God Bless the U.S.A and all of its people.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter



                                               A Recipe for President

Begin making your president by mixing 1/3 cup each of administrative, political and military experience.  Cream together with 1 cup of leadership experience and honesty.

Be sure to add several spoonfuls of constitutional understanding before you balance kindness and strength with equal amounts of law and order, national security, social justice and deficit reduction. Add large amounts of commonsense and faith in God, then knead in courage.   (Presidential dough can be tricky and will spoil quickly if contaminated by political correctness, racism, sexism, rashness or excessive arrogance.)

Place presidential dough in a large bowl of equality, cover with a well-used but…

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Hillary Clinton’s Email Server and the Telephone Party Line


I woke up this morning feeling quite nostalgic.  There are two times of year that I get really home sick for our farm in Grove City, Minnesota.  During spring planting and fall harvest.

Growing up in a very small community has its good and bad.  While there is a strong sense of community, there is also a strong sense of needing to know everyone else’s business. Perfected information gathering methods produced extensive communication dissemination enabling a rapid spread of public or private information.  In other words, gossip spread like wild fire. However, one of easiest ways to be “in the know” was to listen in to other people’s telephone conversations on what was then state of the art technology…the telephone party line.

In those days all phones were stationary objects in the home. Each home on a phone line would have a distinctive ring.  For example, for Agne’s home it rang once and for our home it rang twice.  So the phone rang a lot and in theory you were only to pick up the calls that had your assigned ring.

It was a good theory, which was rarely practiced.  Eavesdropping was commonplace and sometimes  private calls actually turned into conference calls as the callers knew who always listened in and would just directly ask them questions.

Being the thoughtful and concerned community that we were, many a neighbor felt it was their duty to listen in to other family’s calls.  I am sure that this practice had nothing to any type of  morbid curiosity or mischief making, but rather it was a product of pure hearts making sure your neighbors were all safe, happy and well.

In the case that less than lovely personal events or crises were overhead sharing of that information had to be especially swift so that additional petitions to your evening  prayers could be added or public shaming began.

There were very few secrets kept in a small community with party lines.  Just like there are very few secrets kept in today’s world using an unprotected private email server.

Hillary Clinton using an unsecured private off site computer server when she was Secretary of State is inexcusable. I have worked in several government offices and getting hacked when your technology staff works long and hard to protect computer systems happens.  Even low level government managers continuously work to stay ahead of hackers who want to steal personal and government information.

As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton was well aware that her system was designed to protect her and her political ambitions not our nation.  Cunning she may be, stupid she is not. Clinton single-handedly reduced all the advances in computer security technology to the equivalent of 1960’s telephone party line. Our enemies would have found it just as easy to hack in as it was for a nosy person on a telephone party line to just pick up the phone and spy on their neighbors.  Her selfishness put the selflessness of our CIA personnel, soldiers and diplomats in danger. There is no excuse for that.

Clinton’s decision to put our nation at risk to further her own political goals was so bad that I believe it totally disqualifies her to be President of the United States. Installing and using an offsite unsecured server while she was Secretary of State was gross negligence at best and probably criminal at worst.  As a part of her job requirements, this woman was required by law to protect classified information and see that it was distributed only on secure systems. She obviously ignored her legal responsibilities as Secretary of State, how can she,as Commander and Chief, be trusted to protect and defend our Constitution?

She can’t be trusted….just saying.