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Careless Words–Deadly Consequences

I was cleaning up my blog and reorganizing some posts today and stumbled across this post. After re-reading this blog, I have come to the conclusion that times do change only to remain the same.

Every time I hear a supposedly “peace-loving” human talking about starting or joining any type of “revolution”, I just shudder!

Yes, careless words have deadly consequences. Revolutions are the are the deadliest spillers of blood in human history.

Revolution has nothing to do with peace, or social justice. It is the very definition of tyranny. People that shout for revolution are declaring that they have no wish for dialogue with anyone with a different viewpoint, their minds are closed, and that they support cultural, social and physical genocide. For that is what a revolution is…cultural, social and physical genocide. Revolutions = massive bloodshed.

When people shout “Revolution!” they are not in any way shape or form “cool”, mature, loving, rational champions of the peaceful ideals of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, or a nonviolent supporters of peace and reconciliation. For a call for revolution is always a call to hate and hurt. These folks are not leaders that anyone should follow. Obviously they are dumber than rocks about the history of revolution and have no respect for any opinion or life other than their own.

A person that calls for revolution has no interest in de-escalation or in bringing people together. While they may have never heard, they certainly have never learned that, A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1)  However, they have proved that, The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.” (Proverbs 15:2).  

Bringing people together is the only way to successfully implement commonsense solutions to so many of the challenges that face our nation and world. Including protecting the lives our fellow citizens of every age, race, gender and creed from violence.

The people that stand before television cameras calling for revolution remind me of one of my former students…she was three-years old.  She wanted her way and I said no. She stomped her foot and crossed her arms and began to have a wonderful tantrum. She then threatened that if she did not get her way, she was going to hold her breath!

As the adult in the room her threat made me grin. Then, in a very quiet calm voice I looked her in the eyes and explained that if she wanted to hold her breath, that would be fine, but here’s what will happen. She’d pass out and when she woke up, the first thing she was going to see would be me and I would still be telling her no.

What our nation needs right now is far-fewer revolutionaries and many more adults.

Just saying…..

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Words can be loving, tender, soft, kind, gentle, calming, peaceful, truthful, false, wise, foolish, heated, cruel, offensive, hurtful, hate-filled and violent.   Words motivate, educate and manipulate.   Words are powerful things.

No great revolution or societal upheaval in history began with weapons and guns…they began with words. Divisive and dehumanizing words.  Words that lifted up some at the expense of others.

Obviously, we have not learned that lesson from history, for today words such as: hater, godless, nazi, racist, bigot, thug and any number of racial terms including propaganda based phobias are constantly being used to bully and shame.

Furthermore, we live in an age where truth, as defined by God in the ten commandments as not bearing false witness, and the truths revered by our nations founding father’s as self-evident, “that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of…

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Grandma Pat Letter: Cat Warfare…Christmas Revolution Cat

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Dear Kids,

Wow, just a week to go until Christmas.  I suppose you gave Santa Claus a very long and detailed list.  Did you write it out in cursive or just print it out from the computer? Santa, I am sure, treasures all the letters he receives from children, but is something that is extra precious about a handwritten note from a kid. Why to old folks that is be a present all in itself.

When I was young we did not have computers, printers, Gameboys or even television.  That’s right…I grew up in a time when the best entertainment available was your own imagination, the great outdoors and books. I loved reading then, and as you are well aware from the size of my library in the den, I still love reading.

Do you know what the first book I ever read from was?  It was the Bible. I…

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What is on my mind today? Ghostwriting for Governor Jesse Ventura


What is on my mind today? The woman of many voices.

I spent many years working in government as a ghost writer.  Often, it is the task of a communications writer to be the written voice of others. Throughout my career, working in various state agencies and at the Minnesota State Capitol, I have found myself writing letters, press releases and speech talking points for elected officials.

As a constituent services writer for the House of Representatives, I wrote for all of the members that received constituent mail regarding my committee assignments. Then, of course, when I was a Senate staffer, I did the writing for my senator.

At times, I have been the voice to the citizens of Minnesota for several Constitutional officers; such as Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Govenor Mark Dayton and my favorite voice of all….Governor Jesse Ventura.

That’s right, I was once upon a time the voice for Jesse Ventura.  This opportunity for professional growth occurred when I was a staffer at the Department of Human Services. Our department received the letters sent to Governor Ventura from folks who had health and human services questions or comments. Usually more commentary than inquiry as I recall. Anyway, on occasion, I would be selected for the honor of drafting the “Governor’s Response.”

The one letter that comes to mind that always makes me grin, was when a prostitute wrote offering her services to the governor in exchange for a tax break. I do recall there being a picture.

Naturally, I had to give this one some thought. After considerable mirth control and a bit of reflection, I wrote something to the effect that he had decided to kindly decline her thoughtful offer and that everyone has to pay taxes.

The wheels of  government tend to move slowly.  It took quite a while for any letter, even one of such importance, to travel up through the chain of command that is government management. During a missive’s journey, the writer had no input on how many changes were made to the original draft by the higher ups. Rarely, did the person who drafted the response get to see the final result. However, one day, I received a copy of the Governor’s signed letter from the commissioner. It was exactly what I had written with the commissioner’s comment of “Good job, Pat!”

Recipe: Noodle Knocking, Nursing Home Romancer and a Whole Lot of…Sugar Cookies

After reading today about Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor getting fired for sexual harassment, I have decided that what this country needs is a whole lot more uncompromising grandmothers, hat pins and canes!  Or, as was the case in our family when a young woman reached dating age, a Great Uncle Ed that would make her a “noodle knocker”.

This device was a small oak baseball bat that could fit into a purse or backpack and was used to knock upside the head (the noodle) any male that crossed the line. If you did not have a “noodle knocker” a well aimed fist could and should be substituted.

Grandma Esther strongly insisted upon hat pin, noodle knocker and cookie baking expertise. This recipe for sugar cookies is really the best.  Actually, I made them yesterday.

Day before yesterday, my little three-year old neighbor boy asked me over the backyard fence, very politely, if he could have some cookies. He is a brave little lad as both of my hundred plus pound German Shepherds were barking him. They wanted to be petted through the fence.

It was then, to my horror, I discovered that Grandma Pat was out of cookies. I couldn’t even find my emergency child stash in the freezer. (My husband later confessed to having found and eaten them.) I did give my little neighbor some homemade bar cookies, but that is just wrong for kids. Kid cookies require either sprinkles or chocolate chips.

This generational family recipe for sugar cookies is always a great Christmas favorite. They look wonderfully festive when covered with bright holiday sprinkles.


The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Aviary Photo_130940614679318455Aunt Esther, known as “Little Esther; Grandmother Esther and Aunt Hilda

For a while when I was in college I lived with my Great Aunt Doris.  Aunt Doris was a very kind soul and spent many hours each week voluteering to care for patients in our local nursing home where my Grandmother Esther resided.  One day Aunt Doris came home just chuckling.

It seems that in her youth my grandmother had garnered quite a bit of interest from young fellows and had more suitors than just grandpa.  As it turned out one of those fellows, who had been sweet on her so many years ago, was also a resident at the same nursing home. He was quite happy to see her and had been chatting her up and frequently tried to secure a seat at the same dining table during meal times.

Grandmother Esther was a very polite woman blessed with…

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Just Saying: Another Open Letter To Senator Al Franken…Hugger vs Groper!

b bunny

Dear Senator Franken:

I have read your “full statement” as printed in the Pioneer Press responding to multiple sexual harassment and abuse complaints.

Senator Franken’s full statement:

“I’ve met tens of thousands of people and taken thousands of photographs, often in crowded and chaotic situations. I’m a warm person; I hug people. I’ve learned from recent stories that in some of those encounters, I crossed a line for some women — and I know that any number is too many. Some women have found my greetings or embraces for a hug or photo inappropriate, and I respect their feelings about that. I’ve thought a lot in recent days about how that could happen, and recognize that I need to be much more careful and sensitive in these situations. I feel terribly that I’ve made some women feel badly and for that I am so sorry, and I want to make sure that never happens again. And let me say again to Minnesotans that I’m sorry for putting them through this and I’m committed to regaining their trust.”

Your statement is another attempt to defend your actions, while offering excuses for your inexcusable behavior choices. You did not “hug” these women…you groped them.  This is not a warm heart issue, but a warm wandering hands issue. There is never anything appropriate about any greeting or hug that ends with uninvited hands on a woman’s butt cheek, breasts or anywhere else on her person. This is not about “some” women’s perceptions of “encounters” with you.   It is about your abusive actions.

Please, please let this be photo-shopped.

After having posed for that picture where you are feeling up the breasts of a sleeping woman, it is time to ask yourself if you really can continue to be a respected and effective member of the United States Senate.  For example, should the people from Alabama elect Judge Roy Moore to the United State Senate, and the sexual abuse accusations against him prove true, would you accept a statement mirroring your own from him?  I would hope it would be rejected. However, as an a adult male who, only two short years before running for the U.S. Senate, abandoned all common sense and the moral high ground for a quick laugh at the expense of a sleeping woman, you have forever forfeited any right to question anyone’s maturity, sense of judgment or to condemn others regarding sexual harassment and abuse of women.

It seems that you are a bit like Scarlett O’Hara, in the movie, “Gone With the Wind.” In the scene where Rhett Butler finds her drunk and feigning grief over the death of her second husband.  Scarlett didn’t fool him for a second.  She didn’t care a wit that her actions resulted her husband’s death, but cared a whole lot about what was going to become of her.  Rhett sums up Scarlet’s performance by telling her, “You’re like the thief who isn’t the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he’s going to jail.

After so much dishonor, any redemption of your reputation lies not in a legally-approved public relations statement, but in doing the honorable thing. It is time to take complete responsibility for your actions and set a powerful example for other sexual harassers and abusers to follow by actually putting the welfare of your victims before personal ambition.

Senator, you have been caught with your hands on the “cookie jar”, and it is time to pay the piper.   Resign!

Just saying…..

What is on my mind today? Clinton, DNC, Trump Dossier and the Franken-Coleman Recount

What is on my mind today?

It is a small, small world.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to read today’s news headlines only to see a very familiar name that I spent many hours working with one fall and winter during my sojourn at the Secretary of State’s Office.

The lawyer named in association with the Clinton campaign, DNC and the Trump Russian Dossier, is none other than Al Franken’s lead attorney for his recount ….Marc Elias.

As my old Swedish grandmother used to say in a matter of fact tone of voice, “My, but isn’t that something.”

What Is On My Mind Today? I Just Don’t Believe It…

bird 3. jpg

There are some things in this world that I am never going to believe.

That there is no God.

That trying to follow the ten commandments would be a bad thing.

That Bible and science are contradictory.

That vaccines cause autism.

That essential oils are essential to anything except the plants from which they are extracted.

That homeopathic medicine is equal to modern medicine.

That what pharmaceutical companies charge for drugs isn’t larceny.

That social media has been good for humanity.

That video games are better for young people than going outside and playing.

That texting isn’t the kiss-off of personal communications.

That the United States is not a great nation.

That Russia looked at all the 2016 Presidential Race candidates and said, “Trump, now, he’s the pony I’d put my money on!

That Russia doesn’t always try to meddle in our elections.

That Congressional Republicans support the president.

That Speaker Paul Ryan’s Healthcare plan has anything to do with either health or care.

That repealing and replacing Obamacare would be better for the people who need affordable healthcare than fixing it. Especially, since Republican leadership tried to repeal it time after time, year after year and all the while no one in leadership saw fit to draft a humane, fiscally responsible, workable, passable alternative.

That there are not current democratic members of Congress, and in state legislatures, from south of the Mason-Dixon Line, who had ancestors that were confederates.

That historical statues are more of a threat to a person’s mental, emotional and physical health than what is viewed on television, in video games or at the movies.

That black on black violence is less news worthy than statue intimidation.

That the average person under the age of fifty could tell the difference between a statue of a Union or Confederate General if they were placed side by side.

That the democratic party has the best interests of minority groups in mind.

That it is ever a waste of time to vote.

That sexism doesn’t exist.

That there is such a thing as a “woman’s” brain.

That female genital mutilation is ever all right.

That female subjugation is ever all right.

That all cultures and ideas are of equal value.

That law’s weren’t meant to be followed and enforced.

That there are not bad laws.

That bad laws do not need to be repealed.

That peace can be found through violence and intimidation.

That the generations that passed civil rights laws and spent a lifetime teaching children and grandchildren not to be racist are now all of a sudden racist.

That racism doesn’t exist.

That only white people can be racist.

That all police officer’s are racist.

That Antifa is peaceful and law abiding.

That white supremacists are not a threat to minorities.

That the age of enlightenment is now.

That any higher education institution should receive federal funding if they support segregation of any kind including “safe zones.”

That any higher education institution should receive federal funding if they discriminate against any group…minority or majority.

That past generations should be known only by their faults.

That the people on earth now are just the smartest ever.

That freedom of speech is not under attack in our public squares, institutions and places of work.

That political correctness hasn’t gone off the rails.

That ideological social media censorship doesn’t exist.

That theater arts majors know how the run the world and what’s best for everyone.

That mainstream media strives to report news factually and without bias.

That truth is not close to being declared officially dead.

That everything is relative and there are no longer any absolutes.

That our society suffers from an excess of personal responsibility.

That our society suffers from an excess of self-determination.

That our society suffers from an excess of humility.

That anyone who has been married to Bill Clinton could honestly be creeped out by any man in shoe leather.

That diet Coke tastes as good as regular Coke.

That margarine tastes like butter.

That Elvis is still alive.

That if the people supporting Kaepernick don’t watch NFL football and those offended by players not standing for the national anthem continue to boycott the NFL, that it would be wise to buy advertising time during the games.

And, what set me off today….

That anyone wants to see Amy Schumer or any other member of the Schumer family naked.

Just saying….