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Recipe: What Ails Us?…A Poor Relationship with God and A Good Common Cold Cure….Hot Mustard Poultice

I suppose like the rest of the world religion has been on my mind a lot lately.  Oh, I’m a pretty good historian and well aware of the role religion had played in historical and modern era conquest.  In the name of God  millions of precious souls have been tortured, maimed and killed, and it is still going on today.

The way I look at it, God must have known with the free will, limited intelligence and lack of empathy he created us with that we would never be able to comprehend his magnificent love, so he only gave us ten rules to follow.

In our selfishness and arrogance we have ignored his rules, and proclaimed ourselves his equal or better. Loving Fellow that He is, He never gave up on us.  That is why thousands of years later, He sent his only son to save us moral failures from an eternity in hell–which by the looks of things we richly deserve.  Jesus condensed all of his father’s rules down to just one golden rule. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

I was raised in a Christian family.  I attended Sunday School beginning at age three.  Our preschool class was taught by two “Church Ladies”  Mrs. Sandry and Mrs. Bengston.

Our class would start each lesson with songs.  The first two Christian songs I was taught were, “Jesus Loves Me” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  The third song we were taught was, “This Little Light of Mine, I Am Going To Let It Shine.”

The Swede Grove Township church ladies were tough gals. I was taught these songs by women, who had survived two world wars, the great depression, Korean War, polio and flu epidemics and many personal and community tragedies. Till their dying day, I don’t think they ever saw a plastic bag they didn’t reuse or a scrap of cloth that couldn’t be re-purposed. They  risked their own lives to care for sick family and neighbors, financed the less fortunate out of their own pockets and shared whatever food stores were available.

Several of the ideological political movements today in our nation and world have nothing to do with religion or social justice. Oh, they might claim they do, but  God is a God of Love and personal responsibility.  He was quite serious about the Thou shall not kill or bear false witness rules he gave to Moses. If you don’t keep God’s commandments you are not his follower, regardless of the religion.  He very clearly tells us that if we have faith, we will perform works. We are told that we will be known by our works.  Actions speak louder than words.

Our world is a violent unjust mess, because we did not listen, learn and follow those ten rules of God and we have pretty much ignored his Son’s simplified golden rule.  We should have followed the example of those old church ladies and taught our children to respect and obey God’s ten rules.

The recipe for what ails us can be found in those ten rules and is powerfully expressed in the words of a child’s simple song:

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Just saying…..

It is cold and flu season here in Minnesota. Here is a recipe for an old-fashioned cold remedy.  Hot mustard  poultices were used to warm up the chest and relieve congestion due to colds.  I hope you all stay safe and healthy this Holiday Season!

Cold Remedy Recipe: A Hot Mustard Poultice

4 cups of flour
1 Tablespoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon oil

Luke warm water added carefully until you have a thick paste.

Spread the mustard paste onto a cloth.  The cloth should be the thickness of a linen dish towel.  Fold  the cloth so that the paste is on the inside, away from the skin.

The folded cloth should be the same size as the chest.  Lay flat with cloth on chest for 15-20 minutes.

The poultice will heat up, if the skin starts to tingle remove as it can get too hot.


















Cancer Drug Costs

Cancer Drug Costs

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about how much my new cancer drug is going to cost. My insurance covers it, but if I was on Medicare or a 20/80 plan it would be thousands of dollars a month for just my co-pay.

It is a sorry state of affairs when cancer patients have to choose between life or bankruptcy. I actually thought about not taking it, because it’s hard for me to justify that kind of money spent on me, when I know that families with children with blood cancers face the same cost pressures. Cancer is cruel enough we can do better for its victims as a society.

This isn’t right, especially when I think of what my drug is….it a form of a very old drug called thalidomide….yes, the drug in the 1950s that caused all the birth defects. Thalidomide itself is also a drug that is used to treat my disease and as I understand it that drug too is now just as expensive. This is a rip off and someone in government needs to look into it.

I will take my medicine, as most of the tens of thousands of people with my disease do and do very well on it for many years, but, nobody should have to decide between a routinely given drug and its costs and basically slow suicide if you can’t afford it….. and these drugs do not need to cost this much…they cost much less in other countries.

Medicare needs to be able to negotiate prescription drug costs, for the patients sake and healthcare cost savings for our taxpayers. This truly is a drug company scam…shame on them for doing it and shame on us for not protecting the ill. Just saying….http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-cost-of-cancer-drugs/

Just Saying….Let the Little Children Come Onto Me

Someone recently asked me what I would do with all of the children immigrants that have been flooding across our borders into our southern states creating an immigration and budget crisis. I have thought about it a lot and get no farther than these are children. In my mind I can only replace their faces with the faces and feelings of my children at those ages and conclude that if my child was in their shoes I would want someone to protect them, feed them, heal them and yes, love them. They are children.

As I sit in this house fighting cancer day after day wishing to be well and envying the abled bodied, so I can again help others, I see commercial after commercial about saving puppies, kitties, wild horses and feeding the starving children. Yet, I hear from some of those same people who give so generously to those causes speak of these poor scared, hungry children who have sought refuge on our shores, no differently I might add than my ancestors did five generations ago, as if they are vermin.

I hear all the time from fellow Republican’s that we need to return to being a “Christian” nation. As a Christian, I cannot get two bible verses out my head when I think of these children, “Let the little children come onto me for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” or the verse, “ you do this to the least of mine you have done so onto me.” Where is Christ in our response to these infants, toddlers and young people? These children truly are the least of society, don’t they deserve the same kind compassion that an injured or abused animal would receive from our public?

May be it’s because I am fighting cancer or mostly because I have spent a lifetime loving the Lord Jesus Christ, but when I look at our society we are so screwed up. If you replaced the term “Illegal immigrant children,” with the terms such as saving a wild horse, or cat or puppy or “feed the starving children”, as long as they are in another country, the response would be so different…so positive.  Yes, there is very little compassion or sympathy for these brave independent head strong children who have risked life and limb to come to come to this country. If you stop to think about it, they are so very much like the very first immigrants to come to our shores centuries ago.

So, my answer to the question, “What would I do about the children?” I would follow the law. If it is legal for them to stay I would help them become productive citizens. If they are in violation of law, I would follow the law. But, I would never forget that they are children and they would be treated humanely. I can’t think of a more Christian way to spend my tax dollars or offering than to help those who cannot help themselves…including these children.

Then I would use every means at my disposal to lobby the tit for tat finger pointing do nothing but bitch about the other side politicians in Congress demanding that they need to actually put our nation ahead of their own personal selfish political ambitions and pass a realistic comprehensive affordable immigration law that protects the security of this nation while still providing legal avenues for citizenship for immigrant masses who long for liberty. Just saying…..