What Is On My Mind Today? High School Boys are Stupid, but High School Girls are Vicious


I am not sure what the women’s movement represents anymore…well except for abortion.  Support for abortion seems to be their only serious agenda item.  Do not kid yourself this whole Judge Kavanaugh debacle is about one thing and one thing only…abortion.

It certainly is not about sex assault.

For if it were there would be consistency when it comes to protecting, supporting and believing women with sexual and domestic assault allegations.  All males would be held to the same standard as let’s say Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

If that were the case Keith Ellison would no longer be on the ballot for Attorney General for the State of Minnesota or remain second in charge of the national democratic party.  Nor, would there have ever been a Bill Clinton presidency or a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Surely, the sisterhood could not have ever supported a man for president that had multiple women accusing him of sexual assault and rape no less.  Nor, could you support a woman, who for personal power and wealth accumulation, defended him and vilified his victims…time after time after time.  Right up until Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress showed up with Bill’s semen stain on it.  Even then, Hillary attacked the victimized woman.

Oh, I can just hear detractors of my opinion pine that, Bill Clinton’s sexual assault allegations were a long time ago and no longer relevant.  Yet, you are asking me to condemn a man for something he is accused of doing in high school over thirty years ago.  An accusation made without basic specifics such as when, where or why.

Apparently, women are much better with our long term memories, names mostly not so much on specifics, than our short term memories. That is why I am expected to believe without question Kavanaugh’s accuser, and not accept the veracity of the Keith Ellison’s accuser who has substantiated  domestic abuse allegations from 2017.  Ellison’s accuser just has not waited long enough for her memory to improve.

Hypocrisy at its finest and politics at its worst.

Then, this morning I learn that Kavanaugh’s accuser is making demands to the United States Senate regarding how and when she is willing to testify against the Judge.

One of her demands actually made me laugh aloud. She wants the accused, Judge Kavanaugh, to testify first.  Any rational person knows that there is no such thing as a defense without an offense. The very dictionary definition of the word defend is, “to take action against attack or challenge.”  The attack must come first.

In making this nonsensical political demand the accuser is self-damning her own credibility and announcing that her goal is political delay.  Making this ridiculous and impossible demand is a loud and clear declaration to supporters that the political dog and pony show, formerly known as Senate Judiciary hearings…..will go on and on.

This situation, if it wasn’t so serious, is almost comical.  Here we have an empowered  Lucy holding the game ending football triumphantly high above her head before our hapless leadershipless Charlie Brown of a U. S. Senate. Meanwhile, Charlie’s constituents ponder how many times Lucy will move the ball before Mr. Brown figures how to play her game.  Hopefully, there’s a Linus or Peppermint Patty in this situation somewhere watching the game clock.

Not only does this scenario bring Lucy and Charlie Brown to mind, but also a subject I remember well….high school girls.  My high school experience took place in the 1980’s.  It was a much different time than now.  The assault described by the accuser would not have been considered a law enforcement issue, but a father enforcement issue.

That not withstanding, what I vividly recall from those old high school days is the hurt caused by other girls.  Mean high school girls left much deeper scars than any healthy robust teenage male with wandering hands ever could.

Do not get me wrong, I am not condoning in any way, shape or form any male harming any female for any reason.   Teenage girls are the worst.  Where as high school boys may have tried go for my body, high school girls went for the soul.   They were manipulative, untruthful, mean, self-absorbed, self-promotional and without conscience. They enjoyed hurting others and laughed at their victims distress.  I knew kids who were tortured by mean high school girls to the point of suicide.  Those girls seemed to instinctively target nice kids.  In the hands of high school girls, bullying was elevated to seek and destroy missions.

Night after night on the news when I see all of these women stand up to deny due process to Judge Kavanaugh,  I don’t see his guilt or “her truth.”  All, I see are “mean girls.” And, remember that in high school boys were stupid, but girls were vicious.




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