Recipe: Delicious Desserts and the Boy in a Box…Frozen Pumpkin Dessert

These gals still meet on a regular basis. My mom missed their last meeting due to my dad falling in the machine shed and breaking his hand. The club took a nice boat tour and my parents a tour of an emergency room.

Dad will have to be in a cast for six weeks, however, just a week after his fall he was back on a tractor cultivating his sweet corn patch. He says its more work with the cast doing stuff on the farm, but he’s adapting. Not bad for being in his mid-eighties. He said the corn is looking great.

His only complaint was the ER almost started putting a pink cast on him, which was quickly changed to blue.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Sunshine Club
Sunshine Club current members.
Photo from Independent Review Newspaper

The Sunshine club has met for 82 years. Agnes Palm was a founding member and my mother has been a member all of my life. I have many memories of going with mom to club when I was a very young girl, especially when it was held at Mrs. Palm’s house.

I remember the delicious desserts, being horribly bored and being allowed to play with two plastic horses. One was extra special as it had little gold chains for reins. I will never forget her beautiful white faced cows and calves and the big mean old bull that once escaped the pasture and tried to ram our white ford station wagon with the red interior.

My most vivid memory is of her youngest son Darrel. He was in his late twenties by the time I first met him when I…

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