Recipe: Playhouse in the Lilacs and Pies: Mud and Rhubarb Crumb Custard Pie

I can hardly wait for my lilacs to bloom and to get fresh rhubarb from my son and make this wonderful Rhubarb Crumb Custard Pie….

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


This morning while I watched my puppy as he explored the back yard, I found myself admiring my lilac bush.  It is not blooming yet, but will be soon. I love lilacs.  I like the color, scent and the memories they evoke.   Blooming lilac bushes take me back to a time long ago when they were transformed into the roof and walls of my very lovely play house on the farm.

My playhouse did not come from a store nor was it made out of beautifully designed colorful plastics that include microwaves, cupboards, sink, stove, refrigerator with matching dishes, utensils and play food. Those types of playhouses did not even exist in my world.  If I wanted a play house, I had to build it myself from discarded farm resources.

I constructed my playhouse in the lilac bushes just up the hill from the cow pasture. The dark green leaves were my roof. I tied…

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