What is On My Mind Today: Blind Chicken?


The strutting rooster

Why on earth would anyone give my 84-year-old farmer father who is still a dead shot a blind chicken?

It cannot find its food or water.

My father has never been able to stand watching an animal suffer or pass up an opportunity for target practice when a shooting is called for. So, he is on his way out to the hen house right now with his 22 rifle to shoot the doomed old biddy.  It will be one clean shot to the head and he won’t miss.

Moral of story:  Don’t give blind chickens away. They can only eat and drink because they have memorized where their food and water are placed.  Giving blind chickens away to a farmer in Swede Grove township, Minnesota is a capital offense….for the chicken, and unfortunately not for the dumb ass who gave the poor hen to my dad.


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