Children’s Story: Chloe the Water Lily Fairy Princess and Bunny Bedtime

Chloe the Water Lily Fairy Princess and Bunny Bedtime

Once upon a time in the tree filtered soft blue-violet light of the forest glade at the edge of a shimmering pond, beyond the green grassy meadow, inside the dark cool woods, beneath the great blue mountain—on a wide green lily pad, there lived a water lily fairy princess—named Chloe.

Chloe 1

There in the middle of the yellow and white lily blossom was her house.  The house was made out of the smoothest, clearest and whitest pond stones. The stones were cemented together with dandelion glue.  The roof of the fairy princess’s cottage was a thick thatch of blooming white daisies—pink, blue and purple centers of course.

In the midst of the forest glade, Chloe lived a fairy princess’s life in every way. The sun was always shining, raindrops were soft and warm and the wind only came as soft evening breezes.

Chloe 2

Chloe always wore the finest fairy princess dresses that sparkled like rain drops, shimmered with the colors of rainbows and floated about her like gentle evening breezes.  Her slippers were soft and delicate, for they were made from the pedals of wild pink roses.   Chloe’s fine, fragile fairy wings fluttered so fast that everywhere she went, her wings played a perfectly pitched merry melody of light.

The very beautiful fairy princess, Chloe, was known for her kindness and respect for others, along with excellent table manners and social graces.  As fairy princesses go, Chloe was a real peach.

This beautiful water lily fairy princess had friends aplenty. She loved sitting on edge of her lily pad in the evenings and being serenaded by croaky-throaty singing frogs. She enjoyed conversing with the wise old painted-turtle while they shared a cool pitcher filled with morning dew drops. She always was seen giggling whenever she received a mouse whisker tickle as she hugged one of her field mouse friends.  But, Chloe’s best friend of all was Laney the Mother Bunny.

Chloe 3

Laney the Mother Bunny and Chloe had been best friends forever and were often seen playing together. With Chloe flying overhead and Mother Bunny running beneath, away they would race through the cool dark woods.  After their outdoor play had ended, Chloe and Laney the Mother Bunny would go over to the bunny’s house—a bunny hutch. There they enjoyed having nice quiet chats while sipping on steaming cups of clover tea and sampling strawberry, blackberry and wild blueberry muffins topped with honey.

Life for this beautiful fairy princess was, oh, so good, because all of her wishes always came true.

Chloe 4

Early one morning, Chloe received a special postcard from her best friend Laney the Mother Bunny.  All it said was, “Come see me, I have a surprise to show you.”

Chloe put on her best dress, and rose pedal slippers and quickly flew off to see what this “surprise” could be.

Chloe 5

When she got to Laney the Mother Bunny’s hutch she knocked on the door and went inside. There in a soft warm fuzzy nest was the surprise—five new baby bunnies.  Chloe was shocked to say the least, but after a quick moment of thought realized that this was probably why her best friend was called “Mother Bunny” in the first place.  As Chloe petted the sleeping little bunny babies she thought, “These are just more bunnies to love.”

Chloe was filled with joy for her friend.  Mother Bunny introduced her to her new sons and daughters.  Bob was the oldest, followed by Bailey who seemed to hiccup a lot.  Then there was Boots with her itizy bitzy white fluffy fuzzy front paws. Followed by Bonnie Blue and Butler. Mother Bunny just loved that movie Gone with the Wind.

Chloe 6

Chloe went to help her friend with her new family every day.  At first it was easy, those baby bunnies just ate, grew and slept.  Why even their bedtime was delightful, the well-fed bunny babies went right to sleep and while they were all a-snoozing, Mother Bunny and Chloe ate muffins and sipped tea just like they always had done.

Every day the babies grew and learned new tricks, they were so cute.  First they learned to wiggle their noses, then their tails, and then one day they learned to—bounce.  Soon the neat nest in the hutch was filled with five busy bouncing baby bunnies. Those pink noses, fuzzy tails and flibber-me-jibet ears were never still.

When the baby bunnies were outside, they chased mice, dragon-flies and frogs, which worried Mother Bunny because bunnies cannot swim.  They would jump from mushroom cap to mushroom cap and swing on branches in the bushes. One day Bailey hung onto a large butterfly and was almost carried away!

As bad as things were when they were outside, bedtime was bedlam—a complete circus.  Bob, Bailey, Boots, Bonnie Blue and Butler would poke, tickle, pinch and fight with each other until Mother Bunny was practically in tears. Poor Mother Bunny could get no rest, her babies kept her busy every moment.

“If only she could just get those bunnies to bed and to sleep,” wished Chloe.  Chloe tried to help put the baby bunnies to bed, she sang to them, held them, taught them to count mosquitoes and showed them her entire rock collection, but nothing seemed work. “Maybe,” Chloe thought, “It would be best if I flew off to see how other mommies and daddies get their babies to bed. Then, I can come back and help Mother Bunny with these babies.” And, that is just what she did.

Chloe 7


Chloe, for the first time in her life flew away from the pond and ventured deep into the forest glade.  There she spied Henry the Bee flying from flower to flower, collecting pollen to take back the hive to make into honey.

“Henry,” Chloe shouted over his buzzing, “Do you have any baby bees back at the hive?”  “Oh, sure we do,” replied Henry.  “Well, if I may ask, how do you get those buzzing baby bees to bed?” inquired Chloe.   “Why baby bee’s stick to their beds quite nicely thank you,” boasted a proud Henry. He then flew off to find the next flower.

Sticking bunnies to their beds?  Bee babies and bunny babies are not alike.

Chloe flew on and entered the deep dark woods.

Chloe 8

In the dark woods high up on a tree branch Chloe spied Pat the Possum with four possum babies all hanging on her back.  The possum babies were fuzzy like bunnies so Chloe stopped to ask about possum pups and bedtime.  “Pat, how do you get those baby possums to sleep?” asked Chloe.  Pat, shouted, “I’ll show you.”

Pat the Possum grabbed onto the branch with her tail and let go of the branch with her paws. There she was hanging upside down by her tail, and no-pawed from the high tree branch swinging to and fro—just like a clean black stocking on a clothesline—with her babies still clinging to her back.

Chloe’s eyes widened and she held her breath.  The beautiful fairy decided right then and there that she wanted no part of Pat’s bedtime practice of hanging upside down from branches in trees by a tail, with babies on board.  It could only end in tears.

Possum babies and bunny babies are not alike.

Chloe flew on toward the bright grassy meadow under the great blue mountain.

Chloe 9

Chloe flew through the deep, dark, dank woods until the woods unfolded and opened to reveal a wide wonderful golden grassy meadow.  There in the meadow munching on sweet prairie grass was Eli the baby elk accompanied by his mother Dora.

After proper introductions had been made, Chloe asked, “Dora, be a dear and tell me how you get Eli to go to bed and to sleep?”  “Ernst, Eli’s father, comes every evening and bugles him to sleep by playing the blues. Ernst, has soul,” preened the regal Dora.

In her mind Chloe pictured a bugling mommy bunny blasting out the blues for bouncing baby bunnies, Bob, Bailey, Boots, Bonnie Blue and Butler and decided it would encourage hopping and bopping.  While as fun and entertaining as bugling the blues may be, it wasn’t appropriate for a bunny bedtime.

Elk babies and bunny babies are not alike.

Chloe flew on.

Chole 10

At the bottom of the great blue mountain by a rocky rushing stream, Chloe spied Rory the grizzly bear with her two cubs Madeline and Mumfrey fishing for salmon.  Chloe and Rory were old friends.  Rory had visited the pond in the glade many times before and they also had gone honey hunting together. Chloe explained Mother Bunny’s situation to Rory.  Rory listened carefully to Chloe, and pondered the problem for a moment while still munching and crunching on her lunch.

The mother grizzly bear felt bad, but she had no good advice to offer Mother Bunny.

Chloe 11

Just then, Rory watched as her son Mumfrey made his little sister Madeline cry by slapping her in the face with a smelly dead fish’s tail.  For a grizzly bear mother enough was enough! Rory, stood up on her hind legs, bared her large white shiny teeth and let out a mighty roar—so ferocious that it scared Chloe.

Madeline and Mumfrey with heads hanging low slowly walked over to their mother.  Rory laid down underneath a great pine tree and her cubs cuddled in and were soon fast asleep folded into their mother’s soft furry arms.  “Why they look like a huge pile of teddy bears,” smiled Chloe.

Roaring and showing teeth would not work for a bunny bedtime.  Bear babies and bunny babies are not alike.

Chloe flew to the top of the great blue mountain.

Chloe 12

There standing on the summit of the great blue mountain, Chloe looked down the other side into a beautiful valley.  In this valley was a small farm. It was beginning to get dark and Chloe needed a place to sleep for the night.  So she flew down the mountain toward the farm.

First she came upon the barn and heard the animals inside.  Perhaps one of the farm animals would know a special secret that would help to get baby bunnies to go to bed.

It was warm and dark inside the barn, and smelled of alfalfa, straw, old wood and leather. After Chloe’s eyes had adjusted to the dim light, she saw that there were no babies in the barn.  Perhaps there was no one to help Mother Bunny after all.  As, Chloe turned to leave, she heard little squeaky noises coming from the hayloft.

Chloe 13

There in a straw nest was a mother cat and her new kittens.  Chloe was so excited.  They were fuzzy like bunnies, had pink noses like bunnies and they were in a nest like bunnies!  Chloe flew up and introduced herself to the mother cat.  She learned the mother cat’s name was Tammy the Tabby, and the kittens’ father was called Grand Ol’ Dan the Tom Cat. While Tammy the Tabby was sincerely nice, Grand Ol’ Dan required watching thought Chloe, he looked as though he might be interested in whisker tickling a beautiful fairy princess.

Chloe 14

As Ol’ Dan wiggled his whiskers and watched Chloe, Chloe watched Tammy the Tabby’s kittens bounce and frolic about in the hay loft.  Why those kittens even acted like the busy bouncing baby bunnies back in the forest glade.  So, Chloe asked Tammy the Tabby how she gets her lively litter of kitties to bed at night. “Well, I purr them to sleep,” replied Tammy.  “What is purring, can you show me how?” asked the confused fairy princess.  “Let me demonstrate,” then Tammy meowed to her kittens and they ran right over to her.  As she fed them their supper, Tammy started make a very pleasant sounding noise.

“This must be purring,” thought Chloe.  As she listened Chloe grew sleepy, and sure enough the kittens had all gone right to sleep too.

Baby kittens and bouncing baby bunnies are quite alike, but mommy cats are different than mommy bunnies— mommy bunnies cannot purr.

Chloe 15

It was a very sad Chloe that thanked Tammy the Tabby, and turned to fly out of the barn to return home to the glade in the woods.  She had not found any way to help her best friend.  She couldn’t stick bunnies to beds like bee babies, or hang them from their tails in trees like Pat the Possum.  Bugling them to sleep would never work, nor would showing teeth and roaring at them like a grizzly bear.  Purring would work but, mother bunnies cannot purr.  Chloe the beautiful water lily princess for the first time in her life had not gotten what she had wished for.  She couldn’t help her friend and she felt brokenhearted.

Lost in her thoughts, Chloe turned to leave the barn and noticed that night had come and it was black as midnight outside.  Just then a bright light appeared in the window of the farmer’s cottage.  Chloe decided it would be better to sleep on a cottage window sill than spend a night in the barn with that teasing Tom Cat, Ol’ Dan.

Chloe 16

Chloe stopped to pick leaves off the lilac bush to make a bed and found a purple Posey petal to use as a blanket. There on the cottage windowsill exhausted from disappointment and her long day of travel, Chloe quickly fell fast asleep.

Suddenly she was awaken by shouting, singing and laughing. Chloe stood on her tippy toes and carefully looked in through the window.

Inside the cottage she saw a room with four small beds and a whole gaggle of willy-nilly children running amok.  They were noisily bouncing on the beds, pinching, poking, tickling and teasing each other, but mostly were having a very good time.  “Why,” thought Chloe, “these willy-nilly children are behaving as badly as busy bouncing baby bunnies.”

Chloe 17

Just then the mother of the children walked into the room.  She smiled as she took in the merriment of her brood of children.  She didn’t say a word to them, but went over and sat down in a rocking chair that was in the middle of the room.  Slowly, she began to rock, back and forth, forth and back.

The children all stopped what they were doing and quickly jumped into their beds and pulled the covers up under their chins.  The mother rose from her rocking chair and went to each bed, listened to the child’s bedtime prayer and blessed each forehead with a kiss. Then, she went back to the rocking chair.  The mother waited until all of the children were still and quiet. Out of a large pocket, in her blue striped work apron she began to take out a huge…no wait… it was just a big book.

Chloe pressed her little nose to the glass as she strained to hear and see what the mother did next.   The mother sat back down in her chair, and in a low, tender, steady voice began to read the children their favorite bedtime story.

Chloe 1

“Once upon a time in the tree filtered soft blue-violet light of the forest glade at the edge of the a shimmering pond, beyond the green grassy meadow, inside the dark cool woods, beneath the great blue mountain—on a wide green lily pad, there lived a water lily fairy princess—named Chloe…”

Then, Chloe knew!  Her wish had come true and she knew how to help her friend Mother Bunny.  Busy, bouncing, baby bunnies and willy-nilly children are alike!   The best way to get them to go sleep at bedtime is to read to them.


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