Update: Angel Laney Hays Called Home to Heaven


Laney Hays, age 3, passed away last evening after a courageous year and a half battle with AML Leukemia. Below is the message posted by her family on Facebook this morning.  Please continue to pray for Laney’s family during this time of terrible loss.  Laney is my grandniece. 

“With heavy and broken hearts we sit here thinking of what to say. There are no words.

While laying in her mommy’s arms, holding her daddy’s hand, and surrounded by her siblings and other family, Laney peacefully took her last breath on earth and was carried into Heaven by Jesus. We are in pain, but she is not. God has healed her. Laney was a true warrior. She fought with all of her might and filled our lives with love and joy. She is victorious.

Please pray for our family right now; especially our kids. Today is going to be another hard day.”


One thought on “Update: Angel Laney Hays Called Home to Heaven

  1. A parent’s worst fear is to have one of their children die before their eyes. My heart goes out to this family for their suffering and loss. Praise God they are believers in God’s saving grace!


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