Maraschino Cherry Bon Bon Cookies

My baby boy will turn 36 this week, which reminded me that these are his favorite holiday cookies. This morning after  I read the blog I wrote two years ago, it was amazing to me how much better my life is now. I can walk walker free, and without a cane for short distances, I can not only stir cookie dough, but can lift a cookie sheet in and out of the oven. And, I am still cancer free. I have been greatly blessed in my life by a kind and loving God.

After reading where my life was just two short years ago…all I can think to say is I am so very thankful!

This holiday season will the first in five years where I should be able to do my Thanksgiving and Christmas cookie baking all by myself. I am looking forward to making cookie trays as gifts for my many friends and sharing my many recipes with you all.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Two years ago,  I went to lift the turkey out of the refrigerator and felt my spine break. For the past two years I have been fighting multiple broken bones in my spine due to cancer.  I have been in a body cast for a year, a back brace for another year and not able to lift, bend or twist.  I have been pretty much bedridden for much of the time.

My cancer treatment is going great and yesterday I had two big firsts.  For the first time in two years I woke up with no back pain and I started Cancer Rehab.  At cancer rehab the therapist helped me work out muscles that have not been used in ages.  The best part of yesterday was she let me stir and told me I can now stir cookie dough…can’t lift a cookie sheet in or out of the oven yet…

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2 thoughts on “Maraschino Cherry Bon Bon Cookies

  1. I will find time to volunteer to be a “tester taster” or is it “taster tester” for the Cherry Bon Bon cookies…….

    It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it [😊]


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