Just saying….All’s Well That Ends Well

o 11
Oliver the German Shepherd Puppy at 9 months old…94 pounds. 

Oliver has been having itchy ears. So we took him to the vet and he did not have an infection or anything. So night before last, after I had lost several nights sleep for various reasons and Doug was so tired I could not wake him, I got up with Oliver and his itchy ears.

In a sleep deprived stupor, I dragged myself to the bathroom to put some hydrocortisone cream in his ears. As it was very early in the morning and as I did not want to wake Doug, I did not put on my glasses or turn on a lot of lights.

I woke up yesterday morning to discover that I grabbed the wrong tube of medicine from the cabinet and had rubbed Preparation H into Oliver’s ears. My first thought was I am not telling my husband, quickly followed by thank God it wasn’t the estrogen and my third was…..well….it stopped his itchy ears and they have been fine ever since.  All’s well that ends well….just saying.


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