What Is On My Mind Today: Magnet Fishing: Fun for the Safety Conscious


Never had a YouTube video made for me before, I feel quite honored. I love watching Aquachigger’s videos on metal detecting…especially as he’s always looking for Civil War artifacts.  I, as many of you know, am a Civil War buff.

It was on one of his video’s that I discovered magnet fishing.  Fishing with magnets for long lost treasure looks like so much fun and I want to get my grandson set up…but these magnets are so strong they can be very dangerous to fingers. So yesterday morning I asked Beau,  “Aquachigger” what he thought would be safe for a child to use.

He put together this great video illustrating what you can find in lakes, ponds and rivers magnet fishing and how quickly you can lose a finger if you are not careful. These power magnets are not toys. It is amazing to see a magnet, I can buy on Amazon.com, pick up an 80+ pound Civil War artillery shell.

Check out Aquachigger’s channel on YouTube.  He makes great family friendly outdoor metal detecting videos.   Here is the link to his magnet fishing safe video…enjoy!!!





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