Just Saying: The Only Woman Hillary Clinton Advocates for is Herself



Video about 12-year-old rape victim

Last night during the presidential debate Hillary Clinton tried to compare her private speech comments to foreign bankers about her vision for the United States to have fully open borders and how those comments contrasted with her public campaign rhetoric to tighten our borders with Abraham Lincoln’s political strategy to pass the 13th Amendment to our Constitution which abolished slavery.

While Donald Trump did point out that this comparison was nothing short of ludicrous, Lincoln and Hillary do have one thing in common…they were both defense lawyers. The difference in the ethics of these two lawyers is that Lincoln, when he knew a client was guilty of a violent crime, tried to persuade the person to plead guilty and take responsibility for their actions. If he could not do that, Lincoln would refuse to represent the person. He understood that being a criminal defense lawyer is not about winning or losing, it is about justice for both the accused and the accuser.

I firmly believe that Donald Trump is a total pig in regard to his comments about women. However, as a woman who has friends who have been rape victims, mentored many young women and has a daughter, I believe that Hillary’s handling of this rape case,treatment of the child victim in court, recorded subsequent laughter at its unjust outcome, and her life-long enabling and protecting of her sexual predator husband…Willy, is an abomination of female leadership.

I also believe that the only woman Hillary has even advocated for or represented is herself and that there is a great hypocrisy with in my own sex.

We live in an open sexually explicit society where the crudity of Trump’s comments are eclipsed daily in vile and violent movies, video games, television shows, song lyrics, on the KQ92 morning show and in a books such as the “50 Shades Grey” where the male lead abuses the female emotionally, sexually and personally, (I read the reviews not the book, because I felt the book’s message defiled women.). That book not only sold like hotcakes to over 80 million women, but was universally praised in the media. However, us females get on our high horses and pretend to wilt like outraged Victorian virgins by some eleven-year-old disgusting male comments that are commonly used in movies, books, radio and on television everyday.

Personally, I strongly believe that all presidential candidates should be held to the highest moral and ethical standards…especially with regard to the of defense women and their equality.

Yes, Donald Trump is a boorish jerk who is he is running for the highest office in the land.There is much evidence that Trump was a jerk as a young man, he was a jerk eleven years ago, he was a jerk last week, he will be a jerk this week and probably a jerk tomorrow.

Being a jerk and using crude language about women has never been a disqualifying factor for a presidential candidate. Even sexual assault by a the chief executive has not removed a president from office…Republican or Democrat. John F. Kennedy, the handsome presidential and political idol of so many women, was legendary in his sexual objectification and exploitation of women and subordinate White House staffers. LBJ’s attitude regarding his female White House staffers was very similar to that of the French King Louis XV who bestowed royal sexual favors to lucky young ladies imprisoned in his royal brothel. Then, too, most of us remember the infamous dress and Monica.

Should any of these men have ever treated females like sex objects? Heck, no. I certainly would not ever condone any of these men’s actions towards any woman. Quite the opposite.

However, if women feel that Trump should be automatically disqualified to hold the highest office in the land for his crude sexual comments, then should not also the woman who enabled her sexual predator husband to have sex in the White House with subordinate staffers, threatened women who made rape accusations against her husband and who defended the attacker, defamed and laughed at a 12-year-old child rape victim also be considered unworthy of being on the ballot.

Being a women’s advocate is about more than just Roe V. Wade….just saying…



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