Artwork: Oil Painting…Morning Glory


This is the reason why my blogs have be few and far between lately.  I have been doing oil paintings for my friends who have helped me battle the blood cancer Multiple Myeloma and a broken spine for the past four years.

This oil painting is for my friend Pat.  She did not know me at all when she volunteered to come to my house for eight hours a day, one day a week to take care of me so that my husband could continue to work.  She heard about my situation at church and just called me and said she was coming.  That four years ago.

This woman not only helped me with very personal daily tasks when I was too weak and in pain to do them myself.  But, she actually used to shave my legs when I couldn’t reach them, so that I could feel well groomed.

Pat is a treasure, as is Susie, Mary, Janis, Sylvia, Bette, Lynn, Jennifer, Mary L. and Jean. These women practiced their Christian faith by taking care of what Jesus would call “one the least of mine.”  They will forever be my best friends.

This painting is titled, “Morning Glory.”  Pat is a very experienced and excellent gardener and she asked for a painting of peonies.  I wanted to paint an image of peace that included some of Pat’s favorites…flowers, walking outdoors in the woods, hummingbirds and a peony in a water bowl.



2 thoughts on “Artwork: Oil Painting…Morning Glory

  1. This is such a beautiful painting! And the story behind it literally makes tears well up in my eyes… Wow, to have such friends! You are truly talented and God’s beloved! Blessings.


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