Grandma Pat Letters: Cat Warfare

For many years I have hand written cards to my grandchildren each week.  They like to get mail. They also loves cats.

I have began a new  series titled, “Cat Warfare.”  Each blog will have a different picture of a cat with an appropriate historic account written.

I hope my card stories encourage other grandparents to write weekly to their grandchildren.  Or, just electronically share these. However, handwriting is very personal and the youth of our digital world could benefit greatly from additional human contact especially with older generations.

Oh, my grandchildren’s cards are always written in cursive…just saying.


                         Cat Surveillance 

Dear Kids,

I know that I have written you cards every week for years, but I am really excited about this new series of cards.  I have entitled it “Cat Warfare.”  This week’s cat is a commando cat on home surveillance.  A cat can render home security services…especially against a rodents.  Since your dog is somewhat defective, it may be time for combat cat training.

Cats have been living in homes with humans for a very long time.   Domestic cats, may have been domesticated…tamed for pets…for over 12,000 years ago. People in those days were terrible polluters and did not keep their communities free from garbage and filth. For shame!  As a result mice and rat populations exploded attracting wild cats to early human settlements. Remind me to tell you sometime about how cats were the cure for the plague during the middle ages, but that is another story.

During an archaeological dig in 2004 the jaw bone of a cat was found buried with a human.  It can be assumed the cat lived willing with the human and was therefore tamed.  Dating of the bone indicated that the cat was almost 12,000 years old.  I don’t know how old the human was, but he was dead for sure.

Scientists seem to think, and they do think a lot, that all domestic cats descended from a Middle Eastern wildcat, Felis sylvestris, which literally means “cat of the woods.”  In ancient Egypt this type of cat was known a “Mau” and was considered sacred. Yes, Egyptians worshiped cats among other gods. The cat goddess was called “Bast” and was worshiped for protection and to help humans make lots of babies.  We are doing to focus on the protection part, ask your dad about the other stuff.

Cats in ancient Egypt were so highly prized that they were often mummified just like the kings and queens.  Many, many cats and kittens were mummified, in fact in 1888, an Egyptian farmer uncovered a large tomb filled with over eighty thousand cat mummies.

I know that zombies can be a problem as they like to eat your brains, however you may need to refocus. It may be time to be heads up for cat mummies…Halloween is a coming!

It may seem that by the great number of cat mummies Egyptian’s love for the felines was a bit hard on the cats.  Not, so!  If anyone killed a cat in ancient Egypt the human got the death penalty.  This one Roman soldier accidentally killed a cat and a mob of angry Egyptians got him, even though the Pharaoh told them to stop.  Gruesome!

While, cat worship in Egypt went out of fashion about 300 B.C., it is important to note that Egyptian sandals are still fashionable.

I hope you have a great week at school.  It is a good thing you have your cats and trusty dog to protect you.

Lots of love and hugs,

Grandma Pat.




2 thoughts on “Grandma Pat Letters: Cat Warfare

    1. Thank you. I have also written weekly to my Uncle who has been in a dementia care center for the past five years. Every week he looks for his letter, even though he does not often know his own children. I am sure he wouldn’t recognize me, but I always write to him about things that I remember of our lives together on the farm. Never what he would remember, but what I remember. This once great farmer got a picture of ripe corn and memories of how beautiful harvest was. When I was quite young I used to pretend he and dad were King Midas. When all that corn exits the combine at night, and is back lit by the truck lights, it looks just like molten gold. Gorgeous! I miss him. Alzheimers is hard.


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