Artwork: Walking the Narrow Path “The Calm After the Storm”


st g painting
My camera never does justice to the colors. 

I just finished this oil painting yesterday, of St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Centerville, MN.  The painting is titled, “The Calm After the Storm.”

I walk this path almost everyday.  Round trip to the church and back is about two miles. Good exercise, great view.  There is always something scenic to look at along this trail such as God painting storms and sunsets on the sky against the back drop of Centerville Lake, Bald Eagles soaring and fishing and wild flowers.

A couple of years ago when I was still pushing my walker, my helpers would take me out walking on this path.  That spring the wild flowers were especially outstanding and looked like a carpet of pure color.  My friend Janis would try to figure out the names of the wild flowers. My friend Pat, the avid gardener, usually knew them. Mary would just enjoy them.

I will never forget what getting outside to see those wild flowers meant to me during that spring of challenges. I had been surrounded by the ugly of pain and cancer for so long. Even when it hurt like heck to walk, getting outside after being house and bed bound for years and being greeted by the beautiful colors of those wild flowers felt like heaven to me.
My helpers kept me on the path to recovery by getting me to that wild flower bordered path leading to the old church. They brought beauty back into my world and I will always be eternally grateful to them…Mary was Monday; Sylvia, Tuesday; Janis took over Wednesdays for Jean; and Pat was Thursdays.

Each of these women, and many other volunteers, helped me every day over the almost four years that I have fought Multiple Myeloma.  They practiced their Christian faith and demonstrated their love of Christ Jesus by caring for me in kindness, patience, humor and love. They walk the narrow path.

This painting was made as a gift for my neighbor Susie, who is also was one of my helpers. She is Fridays.  Susie is also the administrator for the church in the painting. I bet she will find a good home for it.

Psalm 121  
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”



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