Rigged Election? Just Good Business

I will give Trump credit for reading the mindset of the average American voter who wants desperately for an outsider to be president. But, I have never been totally convinced that he is not a part of the Hillary team making sure she is elected by messing with the Republican endorsement process. I think he has gotten a lot further in this process than he thought he would and I think he is panicking. I have never believed that he actually wanted to be President and his recent statements and actions readily confirm that.

So, now with him actively trying to throw his candidacy under the bus and then, too, saying the election is rigged, it makes me wonder if he is helping to rig it and that is the only thing that he’s telling the truth about.  Is the fix in? A well practiced liar can make the truth sound like the most outrageous lie all the while laughing at the honest souls that they have deceived.  And, this set of presidential candidates have elevated lying to an art form.

I wonder, could there be a big cash settlement waiting for Trump if he loses come the third week in November?

No hard feelings Americans, it is just good business….just saying.


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