Children’s Story: The Hen Who Wanted to Fly

When stuck at the airport, in a car or in a house due to really hot or cold weather it is nice to have a few new online children’s stories to entertain the youngsters. This story is about a real hen on our farm who raised some orphaned ducklings.

Find other original children’s stories in the categories of My Stories and Thor’s Stories.

I hope you enjoy my stories for children as much as I love writing them.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Once upon a time there was a farmer.  On his farm lived many different kinds of animals.  He was a kind farmer and was always very good to his animals for he loved them very much. As fond as he was of all of his animals, he had a special fondness for his chickens. The farmer really liked chickens.  Of all of his chickens his favorite was an old hen named Henrietta.


Henrietta had been on his farm for many years, in fact she was the oldest chicken in his flock. In her youth she had been a very good egg layer and mother to the many chicks she had hatched.  She was almost always friendly to the other chickens, even when some of them had not been so friendly to her.  She was never the prettiest, or the smartest hen in the farmer’s flock nor was she the most…

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