Eggs for Sale: Lemon Meringue Pie

lemon pie
My lemon meringue pie fresh out of the oven. 

Today my Aunt Nancy is coming to visit. She and my uncle Hans live in Arizona and I see them very infrequently. Before coming to my home she and my parents are going to take another aunt of mine to lunch. Since, they will be arriving here mid-afternoon, I know that my dad will be expecting dessert.

On a day like today where we are in an actual heat emergency due to high temperatures and humidity, and I am out of ice cream and have no way to get to a store, the only dessert that will do is lemon meringue pie. I got up early, my baking is done and as my pie cools and I wait for my guests I plan to go outside have a water fight with the hose and my puppies.

Stay cool, safe and eat pie.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

rooster and hens

Lemon Meringue Pie

Summers on the farm in Minnesota had three things in great quantities heat, humidity and eggs.

Each spring we would get baby chickens to be raised for meat and eggs. The small domed roof building where chicks were housed in was called a “brooder house.” There they grew from day old little bundles of fluff that could fit into the palm of your hand into the large fryers that would feed our family through the winter.

Roosters became fryers and hens egg layers.

The hen house where the eggs were laid was down to the west of the great red barn behind the several stories high large grey silo.

I have memories of picking eggs with my grandpa and of being so timid the first times I put my small hand into those straw filled nests. I also remember how much it smarts when an angry hen…

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