Plagiarizist: To be or not to be Melania vs Michelle


I realize I am tired and cranky from getting up with a puppy in the middle of the night and worrying about my little grandniece who is fighting for her life against leukemia….but, seriously I wake up, turn on the news and look at the headlines on FOX, CNN, Reuters, BBC, CBS, ABC and other media outlets and the lead story is Melania Trump’s speech having 50 some words that are the same or similar to Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech.

In the past two weeks eight police officers have been gunned down in cold blood because of racial hate. Race relations in this country are at a low not seen since the 60’s. Less than a week after scores of people were killed in France by ISIS, there has been another terrorist attack on innocent civilians by ISIS in Germany. Turkey, a member of NATO, will soon be ruled by a Islamic dictator. Egyptian Christians were attacked by Islamic extremists. United Health care profits have skyrocketed while people cannot afford their cancer medications. Wages for the middle class are so stagnant that purchasing power has decreased causing major retailers to cut jobs and in some cases close. AND, MELANIA TRUMP’s speech and it’s similarities to the current first lady’s speech from eight years ago is the lead story? Are you kidding me?

My question is why didn’t the press take Harvard graduate Michele Obama to task eight years ago for plagiarizing these common trite phrases that have been used over and over again in almost every high school and college commencement speech ever given? What am I to think this morning, except that the media has a huge bias against a poor beautiful immigrant trying to express herself on a national stage in broken English with flawless make up? For Pete’s sake, this is getting more coverage than Hillary Clinton, a candidate FOR president, lying to Congress and being called dishonest and stupid by the director of the FBI for her total disregard for protecting top secret classified national security information.

Seriously, our world and our country have far worse things to be concerned with this morning than this foolishness.

Enquirer, Star, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN…what is the difference anymore? How about journalists reporting actual fact-checked news worthy events instead of promoting false narratives, social agendas and constant editorializing to boost ratings.

So what is it to be or not to be? Sensationalism or journalism, that is the question and this morning the line is somewhere behind the journalists….just saying.



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