A Recipe for President

My bathroom art political cartoon. 

The leadership traits that I wrote about in the blog “A Recipe for President” are the standards for personal and ethical behavior, and service and sacrifice that our nation and its people deserve from its elected officials–especially from anyone running for our nation’s highest office….just saying.

God Bless the U.S.A and all of its people.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter



                                               A Recipe for President

Begin making your president by mixing 1/3 cup each of administrative, political and military experience.  Cream together with 1 cup of leadership experience and honesty.

Be sure to add several spoonfuls of constitutional understanding before you balance kindness and strength with equal amounts of law and order, national security, social justice and deficit reduction. Add large amounts of commonsense and faith in God, then knead in courage.   (Presidential dough can be tricky and will spoil quickly if contaminated by political correctness, racism, sexism, rashness or excessive arrogance.)

Place presidential dough in a large bowl of equality, cover with a well-used but…

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