Chocolate Spice Zucchini Cake


My neighbor just handed me fresh zucchini. Now I could grill it, or saute it for a healthy snack…but I am going to shred it and make cake. This recipe is outstanding!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Chocolate Spice Zucchini Cake

The zucchini plant is pretty, easy to grow and produces a bountiful harvest. Any rookie gardener can grow zucchini. It is the vegetable plant of successful that fills out your garden with big deep emerald fan like leaves that hide its shy peeking bright orange blossoms.

After you have eaten your fill of fresh sautéed or grilled zucchini, get out your grater and grate your extra zucchini into 2 cup portions. Bake up some fresh zucchini cake or bread then and there, or put the grated zucchini into labeled and dated freezer bags and freeze to be used for holiday and winter baking.

I have made this chocolate spice cake recipe many times. It is rich, very moist, keeps well and well worth the effort.

Chocolate Spice Zucchini Cake

½ cup butter
½ cup vegetable oil
1 ¾ cups sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

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