A Tornado Day and Hillary Clinton’s Emails



There are days in Minnesota when you wake up go outside and know that somewhere in your beloved state someone is going to get nailed by a severe storm.  Today is one of those days…it is a tornado day.

Before the days of Doppler radar, weather radio alerts and around the clock weather reports, people, who were wise, learned to see, smell, feel and hear the signs of approaching storms.

One of my Uncle Ed’s favorite stories was about a farmer who had his own weather forecasting system that was the envy of all of his neighbors–a weather stick.  For generations his family had relied on this weather stick to provide accurate reliable information on weather affecting their farm.  How to read the weather stick was a carefully kept family secret.

So what actually was the farmer’s famous weather stick?  It was a sturdy one-inch square piece of wood that was painted white and stood out from the ground about three feet.

The secret to accurately reading the farmer’s weather stick was as follows:

If the stick is wet….it is raining.
If the stick falls over…it is windy
If the stick was getting dented…it was hailing.
If the stick was snapped off…it is tornadoing.
If the stick is covered with water…it is flooding.
If the stick is covered with ice…it is sleeting.
If the stick is completely invisible….it is snowing.

The farmer’s ability to tell weather by using a simple stick may have impressed and been a wonderment to his neighbors, but he knew that all he was doing was stating the obvious. He, like his ancestors, enjoyed playing his honest trusting neighbors for fools.

Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama have about as much respect for the intellect of the American people as the farmer with the weather stick did for his gullible neighbors.

It is obvious that internal reviews of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server by the state department, department of justice and the criminal investigation by the FBI have been thwarted at every turn by the Obama Administration. If you believe that the meeting between Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton on that Phoenix, Arizona airport tarmac was not prearranged, and that this decision by the FBI a week later is just a coincidence, boy, do I have lake shore property to sell you cheap in that hot desert state.

So, this morning’s announcement from the FBI, that there would be no criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton for her “reckless” handling of classified information and her use of an unsecured off-site private email server, is no surprise and merely states the obvious–the Obama administration and the Clinton political machine’s cover-up has reached its preordained conclusion.

Having the ability recognize and the courage to state the obvious in today’s world seems to be a lost art. So here is a tip to help relearn or acquire that helpful skill….if it looks like a skunk, walks like a skunk and smells like a skunk…you are obviously dealing with a skunk.

Hillary Clinton is a skunk that is playing the electorate for fools and I hope Bernie supporters give her hell at their convention…just saying.





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