Political Correctness Insanity–A Rebel’s Yell


153 years ago during the first three days of July, the fate of our nation hung on the outcome of a great battle taking place in and around a small town in Pennsylvania—Gettysburg.

As General Robert E. Lee tried to out fight and flank the Union Army led by its very newly appointed commanding officer General George Meade, President Lincoln paced behind closed doors pleading with the Lord for a Union victory in those blood soaked streets, hills, wheat fields and orchards.

This morning I woke up to see an article explaining that a lawmaker from Pennsylvania, the very state that hosted the bloodiest battle of the Civil war, was protesting the use of confederate flags during re-enactments of the battle.  She states that they are symbols of hate and murder and should be removed from battle re-enactments.

I do agree with her that the confederate flag is a symbol of a society that divided a country and caused hundreds of thousands of war casualties for one of the worst causes in history– the right of individual states to preserve slavery and for our nation to expand to new territories the institution of racially-based human enslavement.  I, too, think that this flag should no longer wave over public buildings. However, I heartily disagree with her that, the Confederate Flag should be barred from battle reenactments, historical monuments, private persons or their property.

Human history is the story of the best and the worst of our species.  On one hand, our advances in governing, technology, health, safety, commerce, the arts, literature, standards of living and extension of life expectancy have been extraordinary.  On the other, the historical human record is a horrible testimony to our darkest
nature when imperialistic, militarist, communistic, socialistic, capitalistic and religious powers used, and are still using,  genocide, exploitation and subjugation of the masses to advance personal and political agendas.

Societies that do not learn from the hard lessons experienced by their ancestors, as the historical record as shown time and time again, are doomed to repeat them.

Both the great and the gory from our past is something to be acknowledged, studied and taught, without bias, to future generations. Rewriting history to  diminish the accomplishments or lessen the abuse of any group; to make people feel “comfortable” or”safe” or to promote modern political agendas whether on the left or the right is not only unethical and foolish it is dangerous.

The thought of removing confederate flags from a historical civil war battle re-enactment is taking political correctness, and that is what this is, past its current level of absurdity right into insanity…..just saying.






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