Thor’s Stories: Thor and the Rooster Pirate King

Here is another Thor story that I wrote for my grandson, summer before last when I was going through chemotherapy and facing a stem cell transplant. I have cleaned up the typos I did not catch in the original copy. This story is about a mean rooster and good overcoming evil.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Thor and the Rooster Pirate King

Thor had just finished hooking up his video game controllers to play some Minecraft when he heard a sound that would send shivers down the spine of any suburban chicken raising human. He heard a rooster crowing in his backyard…known as the jungle.

This was no ordinary get out of your bed you lazy bones and meet the new day type of crowing.  It was a hale and hearty shiver me timbers type of yahoo that could only have been beak bugled by the great rooster pirate king–Red Beard.

The legend of the great rooster pirate king was quite well known to Thor. Stories about this foul fowl bully’s selfishness, meanness, dishonesty and stop at nothing quest for treasure had been told and retold around many a family’s camp fire.

As the legend was told, once you had seen the great rooster pirate king you would never forget him. Red Beard was easily recognized…

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