Recipes: Say Happy Fourth of July with Margarita Pie

This recipe for Margarita pie is so special. The salty pretzel crust contrasts so nicely with the richness of the cream filling. If you are serving a big crowd, just double the recipe and make in a 9 X 13 pan.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Say Happy Fourth of July with Margarita Pie

Traditions are important. Family Fourth of July traditions make memories to last a lifetime. I still have vivid memories from childhood of family picnics and the annual trip to see the fireworks out in Spicer, MN.

Before we left home, we would pop grocery bags full of popcorn. I can still see the oil spots on that brown paper.

We always parked in the same spot. West of the Green Lake, on the side of a hill, right in front of an old grain elevator.

Then, friends, relatives and farm neighbors would show up.

This was before the time of bug spray. If you didn’t want to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, there was long sleeves, pants and socks no matter how high the temperature or humidity. The kids played tag and other games until we got old enough to be allowed…

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