Thor’s Stories: Thor and Grandpa Walter Find BlueBerries and Bigfoot

I encourage everyone to set aside time this summer to visit Minnesota’s beautiful north shore along Lake Superior, and remember whenever hiking with young children bring along water, a compass, flashlight and teach the youngsters to blow loudly on a whistle if they ever need help in the woods. I hope you enjoy Thor’s camping adventure!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


Grandpa Walter was Thor’s favorite grandparent, because they were so much alike. They looked alike. They liked to be quiet alike. They were tall alike. They loved animals and camping alike. So each summer Grandpa Walter would load up the car with sleeping bags, tents, coolers, cookies and pop, pick Thor and his dad up and off to the north shore of Lake Superior they’d go to camp.

It was long trip in the car and took several hours. So they would eat cookies, drink pop and listen to Halloween disco songs on the car stereo. Their favorite song was the “Monster Mash.” Grandpa loved that song and would car dance to the tune as his cruised north on the freeway. Of course, grandpa’s car dancing routine consisted solely of just bobbing his head up and down, but Thor loved it.

Thor had looked forward to this camping trip for months, because this year he was…

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