A Message to the Afflicted: God Loved “Job”

I have been thinking this morning of several relatives and friends who are struggling with major health issues.  A friend of mine from high school struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and thyroid disease, a very young niece battling a re-occurrence of leukemia and several elderly relatives living with Alzheimer’s to name just a few.

Today, I am healthy, in remission from my cancer and loving every day that I am blessed with on this earth. However, I have not forgotten how hard it is to be suffering when it seems like the rest of the world is having one big party and somehow your invitation got lost.

Uncle Han’s words about the trials of Job are just as uplifting today as when I needed that reassurance in the midst of my cancer battle and while facing a stem cell transplant.

To all of those who are battling health problems, you are in my prayers.  May the love of God bring you a peace that passes all understanding and if it be his will healing.

God bless!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

I received the email message below from my Uncle Hans last night. It is one of the most beautiful messages I have ever received. It came at exactly the right time, as I had a bad reaction to something from the doctor appointment or the chemo I had yesterday and was in a lot of pain.

Uncle Hans mentions bad news I received last week. I want to be clear, I didn’t receive any bad news last week. All of the news I received during my stem cell consultation was just news to me, not to my doctors.  My prognosis is still good.

In fact, when I got to chemo yesterday, I was congratulated on having the stem cell consult so soon, because my chemo has worked so well and so quickly.  While the process seems a bit overwhelming, it is important to note that the University of Minnesota’s stem cell…

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