Recipe: Bumpy Crunchy Cookies

Well, a cold front with storms came through last night and blew out all of the heat and humidity. This first day of summer is definitely a morning to bake and I am going to make these cookies in about five minutes.

This is a great summer cookie. It is crispy, chewy and doesn’t crumble when packed for a picnic or in a lunch. Bumpy Crunchy Cookies are one of my husband’s favorites. Enjoy!

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Every summer when our children were young we would go camping up along the north shore of Lake Superior. Our favorite camping spot was in Gooseberry Falls State Park. That park has it all including several waterfalls, wonderful hiking trails, gorgeous granite cliffs to climb on and watch the huge lake waves crash up against, berry picking both red raspberries and blueberries and lots of wild life including bears.

One of the greatest parts of camping is cooking outside and eating goodies brought from home. One of the best steaks I have ever had was on a camping trip it was a porterhouse steak I stuck on a hot dog stick and roasted over the hot coals of a camp fire.

Homemade cookies were one of my children’s favorite treats on our camping trips. They especially liked “Bumpy, Crunchy Cookies.” These oatmeal, raisin and chocolate chip cookies pack well, freeze…

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