Thor’s Stories: The Midnight Dinosaur Rhubarb Rampage

The Midnight Dinosaur Rhubarb Rampage, is the third story that I wrote for my grandson about Thor the adventurous boy. I hope you enjoy this story about a dinosaur who learns not to steal.

I wrote these stories two years ago when I was very sick and crippled during my fight with Multiple Myeloma cancer. I could only sit up for less than a half hour at a time due to the pain from the fractures in my spine. After reading the blog it is clear to me that I will need to edit the rest of the stories as there are some rough spots, but when I think of how I wrote them that summer so that my grandson would have something to remember me by, should I die from either the cancer or the stem cell transplant…I guess some typos aren’t the worst thing in life. I plan to edit all of them and reblog them when finished.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


It was a bright and sunny June Minnesota morning. The kind where the air is heavy and filled with the hum of mosquitoes, biting nats and deer flies. Thor had just decided sit down in his nice insect-free, air-conditioned home to play some Minecraft video gaming. As he prepared some snacks, he filled his glass with water from the facet in front of the kitchen window.

Looking out the kitchen’s window into his backyard, more commonly known as–the jungle, Thor sensed that something was wrong, very wrong indeed. A cold ghostly shiver of dread passed through him just like when Grandpa Walter asks him to pull his finger.

Getting out his binoculars, Thor scanned the jungle to look for irregularities. Rex, Thor’s trusty dog, was tied up by his dog house, lying in a muddy puddle and licking his butt…inspection passed. The chickens were eating corn on the cob in the chicken coop…inspection passed. Then, he saw…

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