Thor’s Stories: The Dog With Magical Eyes

I hope you enjoy this children’s story about a boy and his dog with magical eyes. When I wrote this series of stories for my grandson, I was in the midst of a multi-year cancer battle. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is for a child to have great imaginary adventures using just their minds and everyday items. Creative play is so important and too few children in this over-scheduled society of ours get to experience its freedom. Being able to self create an imaginary world that is safe, fun and happy can be a great stress reducer for both children and cancer-stricken grandmothers…just saying.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Dog with sunglassesThe Dog with Magical Eyes

It was a hot and humid August day in Minnesota. One where even the mosquitoes rest under the shade of great oak trees drinking lemonade and fanning themselves just to keep cool. It was the kind of day to play indoors to escape the high heat and humidity.

Thor was doing just that.  He was nice and cool inside his air conditioned home playing Minecraft when he was distracted from his video gaming by the sight of Rex, his dog jumping against the dining room window.

Rex was an unusual dog for many reasons, one of which was he had one eye of brown and one eye of blue. This made his eyes goofy to look at most of the time, but this morning was especially special for he was wearing sunglasses and Thor knew from past experience just what that meant.

“Great” shouted Thor, “It’s happened again!” Thor put the video controller…

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