Recipe: Great Aunt Ida’s Fresh Strawberry Pie

This is a great post and recipe.

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter


I want to reblog this strawberry pie recipe, because it is a classic and a must make during every strawberry season!

June is strawberry season in Minnesota and this dessert is easy to prepare, tastes great and is always a crowd favorite.  This recipe comes from my great Aunt Ida Kronbeck who used to cook for the family she worked for when she was a servant girl on Summit Avenue in St. Paul back in the early 1900’s. My grandmother had worked as a servant in the same home prior to her marriage.

Ida once explained the social hierarchy of working as a servant in a mansion. How they were to be seen and not heard.  Servants from her end of the avenue did not socialize with servants from the,”big houses”  like James J. Hill’s.  She went on to describe  “the funny accents”  of the rich fancy ladies from back…

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