Hillary Clinton’s Email Server and the Telephone Party Line


I woke up this morning feeling quite nostalgic.  There are two times of year that I get really home sick for our farm in Grove City, Minnesota.  During spring planting and fall harvest.

Growing up in a very small community has its good and bad.  While there is a strong sense of community, there is also a strong sense of needing to know everyone else’s business. Perfected information gathering methods produced extensive communication dissemination enabling a rapid spread of public or private information.  In other words, gossip spread like wild fire. However, one of easiest ways to be “in the know” was to listen in to other people’s telephone conversations on what was then state of the art technology…the telephone party line.

In those days all phones were stationary objects in the home. Each home on a phone line would have a distinctive ring.  For example, for Agne’s home it rang once and for our home it rang twice.  So the phone rang a lot and in theory you were only to pick up the calls that had your assigned ring.

It was a good theory, which was rarely practiced.  Eavesdropping was commonplace and sometimes  private calls actually turned into conference calls as the callers knew who always listened in and would just directly ask them questions.

Being the thoughtful and concerned community that we were, many a neighbor felt it was their duty to listen in to other family’s calls.  I am sure that this practice had nothing to any type of  morbid curiosity or mischief making, but rather it was a product of pure hearts making sure your neighbors were all safe, happy and well.

In the case that less than lovely personal events or crises were overhead sharing of that information had to be especially swift so that additional petitions to your evening  prayers could be added or public shaming began.

There were very few secrets kept in a small community with party lines.  Just like there are very few secrets kept in today’s world using an unprotected private email server.

Hillary Clinton using an unsecured private off site computer server when she was Secretary of State is inexcusable. I have worked in several government offices and getting hacked when your technology staff works long and hard to protect computer systems happens.  Even low level government managers continuously work to stay ahead of hackers who want to steal personal and government information.

As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton was well aware that her system was designed to protect her and her political ambitions not our nation.  Cunning she may be, stupid she is not. Clinton single-handedly reduced all the advances in computer security technology to the equivalent of 1960’s telephone party line. Our enemies would have found it just as easy to hack in as it was for a nosy person on a telephone party line to just pick up the phone and spy on their neighbors.  Her selfishness put the selflessness of our CIA personnel, soldiers and diplomats in danger. There is no excuse for that.

Clinton’s decision to put our nation at risk to further her own political goals was so bad that I believe it totally disqualifies her to be President of the United States. Installing and using an offsite unsecured server while she was Secretary of State was gross negligence at best and probably criminal at worst.  As a part of her job requirements, this woman was required by law to protect classified information and see that it was distributed only on secure systems. She obviously ignored her legal responsibilities as Secretary of State, how can she,as Commander and Chief, be trusted to protect and defend our Constitution?

She can’t be trusted….just saying.









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