Oliver the Muddy Puppy and Respecting Elders

Yup, Oliver is a mudder, just like  dear departed Walter was a lover mud.  When indoors this puppy sleeps in his water dish and when he is outdoors he finds every puddle–just like Walter used to do.

The video above was taken yesterday afternoon.  The picture below was taken this morning after Oliver and Truman (our nine-year-old white German Shepherd) had played tag, king of the hill in the garden and had digging lessons in mom’s garden.  Needless to say, I go through a lot of towels drying these two canines off.

dirty oliver


Having muddy dirty dogs again is just so wonderful.  After Walter died in December, Truman instantly became this old dog who had lost all his playfulness.  That first week we had the puppy, and Truman avoided him like the plague, I did wonder if getting Truman a buddy had been a good idea.

I am so thrilled that after just three weeks, they are sleeping together, playing together and sharing toys. Oh, Truman is not as pristine as he used to be. This morning he is sporting black muddy legs and a large smudge of dirt across his  face.  His once glacially white fur hasn’t been this dirty since last spring’s April showers and their muddy aftermath that he wrestled through with his old buddy Walter.

Karma is a strange thing especially as it plays out in the animal world.  It is just purer for animals than it is for humans.  The circle of life is just so much clearer in the dog world. Just as Walter used to correct Truman when he got too wild, now it is Truman who disciplines Oliver when the puppy oversteps the boundaries of dog decency.

Truman and Oliver’s relationship is already something to be envied.  Truman, the older dog, is obviously the mentor and Oliver, the pup, is expected to pay attention and learn and he does! It is amazing to see a dog that has never been with a puppy before instinctively know that when they are patrolling the boundaries of the yard, the puppy will get distracted.  Truman will patiently stand and wait until the puppy is done with his exploration.  It is only when Oliver rejoins him that Truman continues on with his mission of safeguarding his territory.

Truman and Oliver have quickly become companions in play and more importantly respect. Oliver innately respects Truman. There was never any question about who is the leader of the pack.  In the dog world the young and exuberant respect their elders or else.

Hmmmmm…..respecting elders?  Dogs might be man’s best friend, but sometimes they are also our greatest teachers.










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