A Tribute to a Great Mother and her Son Caden

 Eleven years ago my friend Alayne gave birth to Caden.  Caden was born with a severe chromosome abnormality and only lived three months.  He was so beautiful.


For the past 11 days Alayne has posted a different picture of Caden on her Facebook page  to celebrate what would have been his eleventh birthday.  Yesterday, on his birthday this was her Facebook post.


“Day 11. Caden’s 11th Birthday! I know I have shared this before but it remains one of my favorites. The painting the very gifted Pat Turgeon gave me based on the photo in the lower left corner. The day Caden came home from the hospital. Happy 11th Birthday, Caden!”


While Alayne was home caring for Caden, I secretly painted her this portrait and had it hanging in her cube at work when she returned to our office after Caden’s passing. I wanted to somehow share the grief we all felt for her in a real way.

May God be with and comfort all women who have experienced pregnancy, infant or child loss.  There is no greater blow to the heart than losing a child.

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