Big, big news!

First of all, today I had my 18 month post stem cell transplant at the University of Minnesota and I am still in remission.  In the world of living with multiple myeloma this means when it comes back several centuries from now, I can have another stem cell transplant.

I am feeling great and have a huge announcement!  We are getting a new puppy on Sunday.  It is an eight-week-old, long-haired  German shepherd.  We have named him Oliver.  He was 13 pounds at six weeks so he is already too big for me to lift. The picture below is Oliver at seven weeks.

Oliver at seven weeks1

Now, I have to apologize for neglecting this blog.  I have been working on an oil painting and was stuck for weeks.  I cannot stand to be beat by a canvass, so I have kept at it.   I want to paint “Spring”.

Spring to me is neon green corn rows and young calves.   Working with the blue and green side of the color wheel is always a big challenge for me.  I am getting close to finishing the painting.  The painting is basically a pastoral portrait of one of our farm’s beautiful Holstein cows.  One spring she gave birth to twin white heifer calves.  Those calves were completely white with just a couple of small black spots.  They stayed so clean in the pasture that they practically glowed.  To this day my dad still talks about his beautiful white heifer calves. Trying to paint calf heads the size of my thumbnail is definitely an opportunity for personal and artistic growth.

In addition to the doctoring, puppying and painting, I have also been baking.  Last weekend I made a Jelly Donut Cake.  It is a keeper and will be sharing that recipe soon along with some favorite rhubarb recipes.

I plan on blogging on a regular basis going forward….including lots of puppy pictures.

God bless you all!







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