End Political Fighting Until Scalia is Decently Buried.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  I am sorry that you no longer have the joy, comfort and companionship of your husband, father and grandfather.  He will be greatly missed. I hope that knowing that your family has the gratitude of our entire nation for his many years of service in the judicial branch helps brings you a small measure of comfort.   May God bless you and may he rest in peace.

That is all the president, presidential candidates and members of congress should be saying about the death of Justice Scalia until the man’s family has had a proper mourning period and he is decently buried.

I can’t speak for other voters, but personally I am appalled that our politicians are no longer people.  People bury their dead. Human beings show some measure of respect to the deceased’s family.  Obviously, there is no honor among thieves or politicians in 2016.

This is what I have learned this week about our nation’s politicians:

  1. Our President is not going to the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice and he lead a filibuster when in the Senate to stop a President Bush appointment to the Supreme Court.  The president should be at that funeral, period.  Secondly regarding his judicial appointee senate filibuster…can you spell hypocrite?  The president needs to work with the senate to put forward a justice that can be approved.  The country is sick of tit for tat politics….that is why Donald Trump’s numbers go up 
  2. The Senate leadership has clearly stated they are not up to the challenge of having fair hearings on an appointment for the supreme court. That no matter who the president nominates they are going to stall and never approve his candidate.
    Why?  Are they so cocksure that they are going to retain the majority in the Senate?  If the public sees nothing but obstructionism for the next nine months, I sincerely doubt that. Then, too, what difference does it make if the nomination is this year, was last year or four years ago?  Like it or not Obama is president.  He has the constitutional right to appoint a successor to Scalia right up until his last day in office.  Also, what will they do if they retain the senate and the voters send to the White House a President Clinton or Sanders?  Are they going to filibuster for the next four years? As the public sees further political stalemate Donald Trump’s poll numbers will go up. 
  3. Both parties bickering over who gets to appoint is totally hypocritical.
    If the shoe was on the other foot and a  Republican was president the situation would be completely reversed.  The voting public knows that this is all politics and is as disrespectful as heck to the family of a good and descent public servant.   The more they bicker over this, the more Donald Trump’s numbers will go up. 
  4. The responses of the presidential candidates to this situation have been totally self-serving. Again, ambition first, nation last. Whether it is Republican candidates frantically waving their hands like over eager schoolroom students shouting, “Not him, pick me, pick me, I get to do that.”  or Ms. Clinton making this into a racial issue, the present pool of candidates is all wet.

    As an example, it is amazing to me that Mr. Cruz, who promotes himself as a constitutional expert, would even begin to question whether or not the president has the duty to nominate. It is obvious that Mr. Cruz’s interpretation of the constitution varies on whether or not the situation benefits his personal ambitions.  Just for the record Mr. Cruz, you are no more qualified to be commander and chief than Obama or Rubio.  You are all eggs in the same Senate experience basket.

    Then there was Ms. Clinton turning yet another situation into a racial issue.  Ms. Clinton, you need quit dividing the nation by race, gender and religion.  Our nation’s voters did elect a black man president, then four years later they gave him a second term.  We don’t need another lecture from a woman who put her own political ambitions ahead of our nation’s and personnel in the field’s security by using an unsecured private server for classified government business.  That was just stupid beyond words and someone needs to say so.  And, yes,  I believe that a decision that bad disqualifies you from lecturing anyone about anything or being president. 

I would hope that as Justice Scalia lies in state at the Supreme Court Building the divisive rhetoric will cease.  That his family will be able to feel the sincere sorrow of a nation for their loss.  That congress and the president will again appeal to the better angels of their nature and work together to fill that judicial seat with an outstanding unbiased candidate.

Justice Scalia, may the peace that passes all understanding be present at your memorial service.


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