Teaching the Next Generation of Christians: Parents!

I agree with the article posted below 100%. Yes, parents have every responsibility to teach a belief in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior to their children. It is always amazing to me that the only religion mocked online and in the media is Christianity. Should that surprise believers?  No, it should not.  It says that it will be that way in the Bible.

If nasty things are said about the Jewish faith it is antisemitism. If you question anything about Islam it is Islamaphobia. Would the tolerant of our society ridicule them for teaching their faith to their children? If you defend your Christian beliefs people will bring up the crusades and political and ethnic purges by tyrants. Or that you believe in fairy tales. Those type of responses only demonstrate a lack of a well rounded historical education.

I believe in heaven and hell. I belief that Jesus is the Son of God and only by believing in him does a soul get to heaven. If God chooses to save other souls excellent, but I will follow the gospel teaching. I also believe that science is a method of study, not a faith system. I also believe that the bible and science are compatible. I believe that advances in science are answers to prayers. My all-powerful and knowing God has nothing to fear from scientific discovery. To suggest otherwise is an insult his magnificence.  My faith is not so easily shaken.

I think both believers and unbelievers are intelligent souls whom I should not judge, but love. I will leave the judgement to God and am confident in him…just saying.

Why I am not forcing my kids to believe in God. (Fox News)

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