Just Saying: Sending My Best From 2015

Best of 2015…..my grandson. He has held that title for 9 years.

Best gift of 2015….was from God when he blessed my cancer treatment and after 3 years of battling it, I am cancer free and in remission from multiple myeloma.

Best day…every day.

Best emotion…joy

Best husband ever…. Doug.  He has held that record for 37 years and even liked me when I was bald.


Best daughter…Aurora. Aurora completed her Ph.d in Analytical Chemistry this year.

Best son…Coleman.  He mastered using a pressure cooker and taught my husband the same skill. His jams and jellies are delicious!  In addition to that he was published again this year and is a senior research scientist at Mayo Clinic.

Best friends….the many people who unconditionally supported me throughout these years of recovery,especially Pat, Mary, Janis, Sylvia,Susie, Betty and El.

Best doctors…all of my doctors are the best. Thank you to North Suburban Lino Lakes Clinic, Regions Cancer Care and the University of Minnesota.

Best dog…Walter.  He passed away on December 1, 2015 and is greatly missed.  (See post of his obituary. “Walter, A Dog’s Life Well Lived”)

walter the handsome

Best looking dog….Truman my 110 pound pure white German Shepherd.


Best food…..husband’s chicken enchiladas.

Best book


Best trip….Duluth, MN and watching the big ore freighters go in and out of the harbor.

Best hiking trail….Taylor Falls State Park

Best event…The Minnesota State Fair.

Best movie on Netflicks….Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Best movie in theater….Star Wars, The Force Awakens

Best accomplishment…stopping using a walker.

Best painting  landscape division….Anger

Wind in the pasture

Best painting floral division this year was a tie.

          Blooming Prickly Pear Cactus and Wind In The Peony.

Best painting farm landscape division

12074755_1056427424388718_2772887414640293226_nCombining Wheat in Montana

Best painting in portrait division

      Gambel’s Quail on Blooming Cactus. 

Best children’s story….”Laney the Brave” which I wrote and illustrated for my 2-year-old grandniece who spent all of 2015 fighting AML Leukemia. That is one heck of a brave little girl!


Best news of 2015…Laney is cancer free!

Best political recipe…Recipe for President (see post)

Best political prayer


Best quote on manners…Winston Churchill

Best quote on political leadership….Mark Twain

Best quote on equality…black bear.


Best homeopathic recipe…..A Cure for What Ails Us (see post)

Best cookie recipe…Walter’s Favorite Treat: Gingersnaps (see post)

Best cake recipe….The Rolls Royce of Cakes: The Chiffon (see post)

pat cake

Best selfie

pat at Christmas

Sending you all my best from 2015 and hoping for all the best in 2016.

Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year!






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