Returning to the World

After an almost three year battle with Multiple Myeloma, last week I learned that my stem cell transplant was successful and I am cancer free. I would like to thank the great staff at Regions Hospital and the University of Minnesota for their excellent care.

The disease affected my bones. In its course most of the bones in my spine sustained fractures. I spent almost 18 months in a neck to hip hard plastic body cast in a hospital bed in my living room looking out a window. I may always have to wear a back brace and I still like looking at the oak trees in the front yard.

In the year since my transplant I have met many of my personal recovery goals. I chucked the walker about six months ago and now can walk for miles with just a cane. I went to the State Fair twice and have hiked in many of Minnesota’s beautiful parks.

I can, again, lift five pounds…that’s right….I can get one cookie sheet in and out of the oven and can again bake cookies for my WWII buddy El. I figured out in physical therapy that if I could squeeze play dough to increase strength in my hands, I could squeeze bread dough and do something productive. I have made bread from scratch several times. I can lift both of my arms at the same time without getting a fracture, I broke my back once lifting both of my hands to floss my teeth. I have resumed standing for short periods of time at my easel and oil painting.

I have read many excellent books, watched more documentaries than I can count and have video toured many French chateaus that are for sale. I also started a blog.

It is so nice to have a future again and be back in the world.

Thank you for all of the well wishes.
Now, how is it that Donald Trump is running for president?


4 thoughts on “Returning to the World

  1. My hopes and prayers for you and Doug that your future will include many wonderful adventures. Having many opportunities to teach Soren only the things a grandparent can share. Your blogs are wonderful – You have come so far my sweet girl….am proud of you. With God holding you in the palm of his hand, the terrific medical care, and that understanding, kind, caring husband of yours –I see a VERY GOOD future ahead….. Love you….Mary


  2. hello.
    stumbled across this whilst searching ‘multiple myeloma’ on here. congrats on the success of your transplant! i’m about to have one on november 12th. doing the prerequisite stuff right now. feeling more positive knowing it worked for you!!


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