Confederate Flag Symbolizes Slavery

I am so glad that the Governor of the State of South Carolina has finally called for the “confederate flag” to be removed from their State Capitol. It really makes me sick to think of that flag flying over Rev. Pinckney as he lays in state in their Capitol building. It is also very disappointing that several presidential candidates in the Republican party did not immediately make the same decision.

A confederate national flag was first adopted on March 4, 1861, to represent states in rebellion against our Union. These states wanted to preserve and extend the institution of slavery that fueled their economy. The first national confederate flag was adopted in March of 1861 and does not even resemble the flag we recognize as the confederate flag today. The design of the flag that we identify as confederate was the battle flag for the Army of Northern Virginia. A battle flag! It was first issued to fighting units beginning in November of 1861. The confederate national flag was revised numerous times throughout the war. Even though the battle flag is the most common flag design associated with the Confederate States of America, the confederate congress never officially adopted it, except for use as the canton of the second and third national patterns.

Abraham Lincoln, in his second inaugural address stated that suffering and loss of life from the war was due to divine retribution to our country for having slavery. Yes, Abraham Lincoln, just like the beautiful souls lost in Charleston last week believed in a just God. He said that the war would continue, “until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword.” Most of the men that fought in the Union army never owned a slave. Yet they spilled their blood to free a race they could not personally identity with because it was the right thing to do. To abolish slavery this county lost over 620,000 soldiers in battle, 2% of the entire population at that time. Battle casualties for all other wars, including World Wars I and II total just over 644, 000.

The confederate battle flag is the symbol of racial slavery and is no more appropriate to fly in public, than if the German embassy in Israel was flying the nazi swastika. Both are symbols of genocide, torture and the deprivation of basic human rights. If either symbol deserves to be displayed…it would be in a museum to educate current and future generations about the evil of human kind…..just saying.


One thought on “Confederate Flag Symbolizes Slavery

  1. Good job sweet girl! I’ve been trying to find a picture on how the S.C. displays the U.S. Flag, Their State Flag, and the Confederate Flag in front on the capitol. Looked up the history of the State Flag (Wikipedia) . It was designed in 1775. It is described as ” A White Palmetto tree on an indigo field. The cantor contains a white crescent..” So dear history buff…..when the Confederate Flag was adopted in 1861 – did the State Flag get folded up and put away? If so…when the Confederates lost at that time it seems their flag should have been folded up and put away and the original S.C. flag raised to the top of the flag pole…….just saying (borrowing a quote from someone I love dearly) 🙂 Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 21:52:26 +0000 To:


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