Cancer Drug Costs

Cancer Drug Costs

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about how much my new cancer drug is going to cost. My insurance covers it, but if I was on Medicare or a 20/80 plan it would be thousands of dollars a month for just my co-pay.

It is a sorry state of affairs when cancer patients have to choose between life or bankruptcy. I actually thought about not taking it, because it’s hard for me to justify that kind of money spent on me, when I know that families with children with blood cancers face the same cost pressures. Cancer is cruel enough we can do better for its victims as a society.

This isn’t right, especially when I think of what my drug is….it a form of a very old drug called thalidomide….yes, the drug in the 1950s that caused all the birth defects. Thalidomide itself is also a drug that is used to treat my disease and as I understand it that drug too is now just as expensive. This is a rip off and someone in government needs to look into it.

I will take my medicine, as most of the tens of thousands of people with my disease do and do very well on it for many years, but, nobody should have to decide between a routinely given drug and its costs and basically slow suicide if you can’t afford it….. and these drugs do not need to cost this much…they cost much less in other countries.

Medicare needs to be able to negotiate prescription drug costs, for the patients sake and healthcare cost savings for our taxpayers. This truly is a drug company scam…shame on them for doing it and shame on us for not protecting the ill. Just saying….


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