The Stem Cell Process Begins

Next Wednesday I begin the testing process for a stem cell transplant.

I would like to be fearless and march into this process like a soldier into war, but I am scared. I am only 55 years old and I still want a long life in front of me and I have had more health problems in those years than the average person. In fact, this is my second battle with cancer. I had thyroid cancer when I was just 30 years old and my youngest was only 14 months old.

I have battled broken bones, fatigue, nausea and other unpleasant side effects from the multiple myeloma for several years before I was diagnosed. I am tired physically, emotionally and mentally. However, I am feeling much better since my treatment began last March.

Even though, I have to walk this path that I would have never chosen, I take time each day to count my blessings. I have healthy children and a grandchild. I still have my parents and siblings. I have a wonderful and supportive spouse. I live in a country where my disease can be treated and I am free to worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have friends, family and strangers praying for me all across this country.

My young neighbor came over to visit with me for a couple of hours yesterday and her visit was so uplifting. With supreme confidence she informed me that I will be all right and will defeat this cancer. She explained that my whole life I have taken care of everyone else and this is just God’s way of having people take care of me for a while. She said that he has more for me to do and will take care of me throughout this process. She said she still needed me and we will shoot baskets together again

Her words were exactly the ones that I needed to hear. Sharing her time with me was the exactly perfect gift. What cancer patients need, at least this one, is support and prayer.

I may have cancer and many physical limitations, but I’m still me. Remember that by the grace of God, there goes any one of us. Don’t be afraid of someone who is sick. Call, visit and reassure them. Tell them you love them…that truly is the best medicine.

I can do this with the help of God and those who love me. Just saying.


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