Entering the Political No Whining Zone–Vote in Primary Elections!

Entering the Political No Whining Zone

I would like to encourage all of Minnesota’s registered voters to get out and vote in Minnesota’s Primary Election being held tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12.

A lot of people complain about our elected officials and how they don’t represent the people. The only thing lower than their approval ratings will be the turnout in Minnesota’s primary election tomorrow.

It is a shame that primary election turnout doesn’t equal that of the general. Very few voters seem to realize that a primary election in many ways is more important than a general election. Those few who cast their ballots tomorrow will decide for all our state’s voters who will be on the general election ballot. Yes, many times the best candidates are eliminated and the voters in November get to choose from those with the most money and friends, not always ones with the best experience, leadership skills or new ideas.

In a republic, such as ours, those that show up on election days rule–especially those that cast ballots in primary elections. If history repeats itself, tomorrows winners will be selected by a very few motivated voters and the rest of you will be stuck with their choices.

Tomorrow voting will be quick and easy. No long lines. Your employer has to give you time off  to vote just like in the general election. Information on the primary is readily available. To find out who is on your ballot, a link to candidate’s websites and where to vote go to http://www.mnvotes.org.

Most polling locations are open from 7a.m. until 8 a.m.

If you love your state and country…go vote tomorrow. It is your civic duty!

If you don’t vote tomorrow you have entered the political no whining zone! Just saying….


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